Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Part 5 – A Whisp in the Wind

Jackie awoke terribly cold and hurting. It was then, suddenly, that Jackie realized where she was, Davey’s Ranch. She gasped at the wedding ring on her finger and groaned in pain from the soreness between her thighs.

All Jackie knew was she had to get away from the Ranch house it was too far out in the wilderness. A woman could disappear forever out here. She spied Davey asleep on the couch next to a bottle of Jack in their old bedroom. Jackie was on the floor admist bed sheets and her torn bridal dress. 

She arose quietly, reached into a drawer not surprised to find her own clothes, and put on leggings and a top. Jackie slipped on an old pair of her cowboy boots at the door and although it pained her greatly, she lept atop a quiet and calm horse called Ella out in the field and as soon as she was away from the house broke into a gallop back towards the city and the hospital. If anyone could tell Jackie had been drugged and raped, the hospital and police could.

Word Count: 180 words

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