Good Food and Good Times

Well, it’s been a little while since I wrote something that wasn’t poetry or flash fiction. I love writing both but I felt a bit burnt out on poetry ideas after NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) despite the fact that we were given prompts in April. I don’t know how people do the challenge where you write so many thousands of words for a novel in a month. For me my writing of a novel is coming slowly.

I am just finishing up my last course on Fiction and we were able to submit some of our own novels or pieces of writing to the class and one of my projects is going to be to really work on that first chapter again according to some of the feedback I got from the class and instructor on How Was Last Night For You? and I do have a chapter four and five coming along the ideas are there it’s just a matter of putting them to the computer then reworking the chapters until I come up with something acceptable. I am planning to do that this summer and get a few more chapters down and get into the plot a little more but that will be mid June when i have time to do that. So, you are stuck with the usual until that point. I am planning to do a ton of reading this summer to and I find that always inspires me in my writing.

The Copy Editing course ended. Thank goodness I enjoyed it, unlike the proofreading course. Even the exam didn’t seem so bad because I printed out all the material for the open book exam, which took about a week, and there were so many more exercises to do in this course. Another thing that helped was that the material was somewhat familiar from Proofreading and Introduction to Copyediting. I am hoping to speed the process of this Editing program up a bit now that I am three courses into it. I’m hoping to do three courses a year. Although, I was planning to do that this year that didn’t become possible until it was too late and I was half way through my Fiction course.

I wasn’t able to go to the OneRepublic concert I had tickets for, which seems to be an alright situation to occur because they didn’t play for long anyways. My mom managed to give the tickets away at work day of as a friend I was going with didn’t go and my boyfriend has sciatica or something similar in his leg. He’s on pain medication now at work and seems to be doing fine until doctors can do an MRI on A. Although, he was in pain that didn’t stop A and I from doing a few things, mostly food related, in the two weeks he was off this round.Usually he only has one week off but because of doctors visits etc. he took an extra week.

First of all, I wanted to take him for an early Birthday dinner to split of up the cost of his present and dinner. We walked into Red Lobster and I was like I am okay I can do this, they serve chicken here but the fishy smell just made me nauseous. I hate seafood by the way, as Dori on Finding Nemo says ‘ Fish are friends, not food.’ So, A and I left Red Lobster and walked over to Olive Garden which he loves anyways and we both got some chicken dish to go with our salad and soft hot garlicy bread sticks. A said it was delicious and somehow the following week we found ourselves going into Earls around the supper hour. I had just wanted dessert that was it but I quickly re-evaluated when my stomach began to grumble. A got some spicy chicken dish with coleslaw and mashed potatoes and and I a thin crust pizza with cheese and some delicious spice — a Margarhetti Pizza I think it was called/ Then we dug into dessert and that topped everything we had eaten. Chocolate lava brownie piping hot and oozing with chocolate with toffee sauce and vanilla gelato. A said, ” I could eat like eleven of these.” And he rarely is so complimentary about something that isn’t his own cooking. But we enjoyed dessert immensely.

A is back in a week and May 21 is his birthday. I need to get to the store next week and get him a watch at Fossil. I pretty much know exactly what I am looking for but I don’t think I will get to that mall where Fossil is until the day of his birthday. I have to pick up some cupcakes too so I’m crossing my fingers that they still have a cupcake place at Kingsway.

Then, there is all the preparation for going on a trip: getting American money, buying travel size products because I’m only bring a small suit case on a 5 day trip, and the usual purchases I have to make when I first get paid. Basically, I am going to Las Vegas to Shop but I have to shop to go there.

That’s all for now.

2 thoughts on “Good Food and Good Times”

  1. Hello! I was just wondering, how is it that you subscribe to “fish are friends, not food”, yet one sentence later, you talk about eating chicken?


    1. It’s not something serious like I believe you can’t eat fish or that other people shouldn’t eat fish or other sea food. I just say that because I find seafood disgusting to taste. I can say I like chicken cause I do and just like other people can eat fish I can eat chicken. Don’t take that to seriously it’s just my way of gently telling people I don’t eat fish. Thanks for reading.


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