Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer’s – The Place


There is this place where I go where the clouds are like puffs of cotton disappearing into an orange meringue and radiant yellow sunset. The trees stand tall and dark against the horizon and a meandering path leads to tall lethargic green grass and a shimmering lake reflecting all the colors of the sky.

This is my quiet place, my place of peace when he turns my face purple and black. Then like purple and black my bruises go the color of the sunset and the sky. Being here, and thinking about those colors are the only thing that gets me through the day.

I turn my face blank to get through my job, the job that’s never as good as his. I take my son to soccer practice and cheer him on but I’m never as good as my husband’s Mom was to him. I take care of myself. I wear makeup and fashionable clothes that hide the bruises. But nothing is good enough for my husband.

But tonight I’m queen of my lake kingdom. And I toss the still loaded pistol into the lake and find that finally I can relax.

Word Count: 192 

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21 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer’s – The Place”

  1. Fantastic story. Great description of the scenery and what is going on in her life. It leaves me wondering…was she going to kill him or herself? I’m glad she did neither, and has found a way to find some peace in her life.

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    1. It’s a good possibility and my original plan but then I thought better to let you think about it because it really could be any number of things. She could not have killed anyone and gotten rid of the gun. She could have been thinking of killing herself?

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  2. Great story. I love how you left the purpose of the gun open. Did she kill him? Was she going to kill him, or herself, but change her mind? Whatever the answer I hope she makes her way free of him. Well done. 🙂

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