Day 26 – NaPoWriMo – Different Voice – ” Your Skin”

I am only your epidermis, some of you don’t think to take care of me.

You pick and scratch at me while your young, instead of just leaving me be.

You don’t use a proper 3 step system: Face Wash, Toner, Moisturizer.

You think I’ll take care of myself with sun spots and pock marks.

And have you ever heard of serum, the kind that’s anti-wrinkle and causes radiance?

Could you use a little of that or a cream? Something with Retinol, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.

For if you’ve the skin of woman your skin is very delicate, soft and pretty to the touch.

But oily, normal, or combination skin, we all react in different ways and remember,

I am with you all your days when your young and fresh faced and old and wrinkly.

So please take care of me: Wash off your makeup before bed, wear sunscreen, and products right for you.

And when I’m on your man, please tell him to take care of me too, a good sharp razor when he shaves would help.

Some moisturizing shaving cream, and moisturizer with of course, sunscreen

Be the person with young-looking skin when you are 83-years-old. Don’t be the one crevices so deep.

Watch your body in the sun, I am the number one place to get skin cancer you know? 

So, please take care of me, though I can’t help but show age, I can look younger or older depending on you.

I show the memory of your life in my spots and wrinkles so make me look my best.

Women and men, I am your epidermis, your closest friend.