Day 20 – NaPoWriMo – I know – “My Person”

I know you hate it when I’m mad and wish I’d just turn around and talk to you.

I know you wish that we always got along and there wasn’t fights like these and lonely nights on the couch.

I know you think I do it on purpose, at times, getting upset just because I can but you need to know there’s a reason.

I know you don’t understand my reasoning that you think I arbitrarily choose one that doesn’t make sense.

I know I hurt you when I’m tired and I haven’t seen you all day, but I just need to go to bed to sleep and sort things out my way.

Because don’t you know in the morning the first face I see is yours, and I’m excited to see you and I’m sorry for all that was wrong.

I know you don’t understand my moods but I know you understand happy, and snuggling, and kisses, and your favorite breakfast.

I know that I’m not perfect but I know that you should know that your my person no matter if we fight or if the sky is blue and the sun beams down and it’s a great day just being with you.