It’s a Beautiful Day

Im here in sunny Edmonton and besides being a tad windy the weather is beautiful and sunny. The sky is clear and blue as trees wave in the wind. The snow is melted and I’m thinking of venturing outside. Instead I’ll write this blog that I hope you’ll all enjoy.

First, I am crazy excited to get my new yoga wear from Jennifer Hudson’s line: Fabletics. They have extremely cool workout wear for cycling, running, yoga etc. and it’s good quality and the style and price beat Lululemon by a mile. Your first outfit is half off plus a low regular shipping cost and each full outfit is only fifty dollars. This means you can get an entire outfit — a sports bra, shirt, and crops for that price. The only bad thing about this service is it’s a subscription service so you’ll get an email from Fabletica once a month with new outfits and you have to remember to decline if you don’t want an outfit or it will automatically charge you and send you one. I don’t like this part but their stuff is so cute I can see myself getting several outfits and each for only half the price of a pair of Lululemon pants. Plus, sizes go up to 18-20 (or something around there) so they’ll fit everbody. I’m going to try a couple outfits and see how it goes. You can always quit. And I’ll let you know how the outfits work out once they arrive. My friend has been very pleased with her first outfit. 

Next, I’m officially in Copywriting (my spring course). It’s another one of those do 4 modules and discussions in 3 weeks plus an exam worth 80 percent course. I think having an exam worth that much is excessive. SFU Editing is delusional. I’m seriously considering not taking anymore editing and doing Creative Writing Certificate on SFU online. I think it is more where my talent lies but I will see how well I can do on this editing course. I should be doing module 1 right now but I can’t concentrate for the life of me. 

Also, my Mom and Dad will be gone to China for 2 weeks so I will be home all alone. I’m trying to plan activities to keep busy. Of course, there is both courses to do. And I’m going for a little pampering at the spa. Then I will be spending time with A. Also, I have somethings to do Downtown one day, errands I’ve put off. And the rest I’ll figure out. For now that’s all. Headed to A’s today or tomorrow.Looking forward to seeing him!

Thanks for reading! 


Day 8 – NaPoWriMo- Take it Back – ” Dear Keith”

Dear Keith,

You are not the love of my life.

And I did just fine without you.

I apologize for not talking to you,

But I was only 19 or 20 and as you know shy.

You were a good guy but you could have made more of an effort to talk to me,

To coax me out of my shell.

And if you ever liked me you could have made me feel unique to all the other girls who hung around you.

But that was 10 years ago Keith, and I’ve long moved on.

So whatever happened, happened because it did.

And it’s no hard feelings, but 6’5″ is just to tall for me.

And I was never caught in my own world,

I was just busy working 20 hrs, taking 5 courses, going to the gym, and partying with my friends on weekends.

I wasted a lot of time frustrated over you.

But I learned to look outside the box.

And to look for someone different but not so different from me.

Fondest memories, best of luck in life.