Day 7 – NaPoWriMo – Money – “What has Worth?”

Who decides what has value or worth?

That you should have money, that I should not?

Who decides who is rich and who is poor?

They say it’s up to hard work but I’ve seen plenty,

Work their hands to the bone and come out with nothing.

Who decides what money is worth?

That the Canadian dollar was on par with the US dollar,

But now it’s twenty cents below.

Who decides the value of money?

Who decides who should have plenty and who should have little?

What is the value of a piece of paper?

A meal, a house, clothes on your back, a nice living room. a pet?

What kind of value does money have?

When what some pay for is trash but has great value.

While other’s pay for expensive art and feel that is of the greatest value.

What is money to our society when in the Great Depression they had suit cases full

But it had no worth at all.

When to the child five dollars is a huge amount.

But to the adult five dollars won’t even by lunch.

Who loves money?

Isn’t it  said: ” Money is the root of all evil.”

Or is that to cliche for a poem on what is valuable and worthful?

I like to have money and I don’t know how I’d do without out it.

But I tend to think the time I spend with people or a dog

Has far greater worth.

Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Part III Our House – Flasback to the Clown and a House all Their Own. 

Theo the house . . . where did you find it it’s magnificent! I mean it’s not our blue house but look at that back porch and the view. It has so much potential!

I knew you’d love it Vanessa. That’s why I bought it!

You bought it, you mean this is ours? Well I haven’t been so happy since we escaped those kidnappers 10 years ago . . .

It turns out, Theo had had a knife in his back pocket and pulling a James bond, had cut his ropes in the distorted mirrors room and found Vanessa and cut her ropes too. They had ran madly from the clown with the knife when they realized the clown wasn’t chasing them but the kidnappers. It had been a bloody time when the the clown slashed and stabbed the kidnappers to death. Theo and Vanessa had found there way out of the funhouse and taken their car back to town in shock.

What’s that? 

That’s when Theo saw the clown coming towards them a big grin on his plastic face. The clown waved and went on his way.

Word Count: 180 aprox.

Theo's and Vanessa's back porch.
Theo’s and Vanessa’s back porch.

Thanks to Priceless Joy for organizing FFfAW. Want to participate?