Day 4 – NaPoWriMo – Loveless Love Poem “Chocolate”

You are chocolate icing on the spatula I lick.

So good to taste, so warm and comforting.

Chocolate and whipped cream, they best describe you.

I want to gorge myself in whipped cream.

I want to fill my pores with your essence.

And you are fresh blueberry muffins.

Tart with sugar on top and warm softness.

Even though your kind of sour some days your sweetness outshines everything.

You keep me soft and warm inside for you.

And you are spinach dip in the middle of a bread loaf

Good for me and tasty but also delightfully full of cream cheese and bacon

So smooth, endearing, and wonderful to to be with

And you are homemade perogies, so soft and forgiving.

Full of potatoe gorged in butter and more bacon bits – full of goodness and memory.

You are all the wonderful foods in life.

But especially you are chocolate.

Because you’re the only one who eats my chocolate – only sometimes if you’re good.