Day 2 – NaPoWriMo – Catching Stars

I look above me from the fresh cut grass

And I feel the blackness engulfing me

Oh, but for the light of diamond stars

I reach up high, I cannot touch them

For they are billions of miles away

But maybe I feel I might just graze them with my finger tips

These stars they burn my hands, these giant balls of gas

Burning clear through my memory to that night

When you sat beside me and we were relaxed

You had a sleeping bag spread, just in case

But the grass called to me and you held my hand

The stars torches to the gods of kingdoms past

And we small humans looking up at them

Reflected in our eyes we see what the ancients saw

Something older and wiser then any of us

Queens of the sky majestic in your ball of light

So close, but yet so far

And you held my hand, I was warm and sleepy

The stars in your eyes burning softly