5 Favorite Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Blogs

1. http://www.galmeetsglam.com – A fashion, decor, and lifestyle blog by Julia Engel. I love this blog especially to see the beautiful outfits Julia wears and how I can make my outfits look anything like her outfits. I also love to see the beautiful places she shoots on location like her last trip to Mexico.

2. http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com – I have raved about this blog especially about the hairstyles Kate teaches women how to do on YouTube videos. Never have I felt it so easy to do updos and complex to simple hairstyles before. Kate also blogs about fashion, her favorite makeup products, home decore, lifestyle, and her too adorable baby boys as well as stuff for kids. This tends to be a lot of her blog right now because she just had her second boy Luke.

3. http://www.sequinsandstripes.com – A fashion blog where you can check out the daily outfit and even shop for the pieces or similar pieces you like.

4. http://www.thestripe.com – From DIY, to fashion, shopping, wellness, and even a little bit of beauty, the-stripe has a little bit of everything for everyone. I especially love her fashion because it’s clothes regular people can afford to buy and round ups of items centered around themes like ‘spring break’ or ‘ NY fashion week.’

5. http://www.lezoemusings.com – Kelli is famous for her DIY projects around work and especially around her house. Her husband often acts as the photographer and takes awesome pictures. Kelli creates beautiful themed corners in her home and tons of pictures of her daughter for whom the blogs named Zoe, and her baby Axel. She is also extremely into fashion and takes pictures of her outfits and works for gloss48, an online beauty store with products of speciality from smaller beauty companies that you can purchase in the US.


Sonnet “Loss”

The pain that stings within my heart

When you decided to depart

It felt like I would fall apart

At the littlest sound I start.

I am in grief and it is bitter sweet

The memories we made follow me

But I have  no sight I cannot see

The spark that flew isn’t heat

Now I pray, release, release.

Answer me once, forget me not

Don’t leave me here to beg and rot

Have you no pity I need peace

Grant me some time so I know

You did not just throw me away.