Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Our House

Theo and Vanessa are sitting in their car smoking a joint and looking at attached houses.

Boy, Theo I’d sure love to live in one of these places one day. They’re gorgeous! and imagine what the insides look like.

Yeah that’d be pretty cool. I like the light blue one. There’s a little white BMW parked in front of it that could be us. You know when we’re doctors or lawyers or whatever the hell we want to be.

 I like the blue one too. I think that’s our place.

Yeah we could have a kid or two there and make out nicely. 

Kids? What the . . .

Suddenly, the car doors are shoved open the joint is thrown out the window and gun is pointed at Theo’s head. Vanessa is in the back held by two burly men. “Drive, drive now!” the man with the gun pointed at Theo says. With tears in his eyes Theo starts the car and begins to drive. Who knows if it will ever be their house now.

Words: 174 words

Theo and Vanessa's house in Light Blue
Theo and Vanessa’s house in Light Blue