Ode for Joy

There are times when life can be so suddenly simple. That no matter the journey ahead you feel especially confident of yourself, of what you can handle and face. I have been polling people on the Internet and in real life asking them if they knew or when they knew there spouse was right for them. 

I have had a great variety of answers from I knew right a way to I found out this person wasn’t right for me. And I guess the truth is we never know 100 percent forsure. What I found more are little moments in time when people realized something about another person that made them akin to them. My Godfather always told me he knew his wife was right for him the first time he talked to her on the phone. He hadn’t met her yet, but he called his mother and told her he had met the woman he was going to marry.

As for myself, I’m still quite far away from marriage but A and I have this general plan. This plan has terrified and made me panic since the moment it became real and it’s 2 years away or more. A has been sure the moment he loved me that I am the girl for him. It is why through 5 break ups of about a week each we keep getting back together. And I complain to my girlfriends that A is doing this again. But I have learnt it is much better to keep a relationship between you and your beloved and that your friends are of course going to take your side. But they haven’t heard the other side of the story which is usually his. Him being dumb or just clueless. Or him keeping his mouth shut when you are dumb or clueless. 

But slowly this whole freaking out about committing my life to someone has eased. A great calm has descended and I feel that I can face what challenges I face ahead. I can face it because I’m with the right person to face it with me and even when times are tough we find our way back. And we have what it takes to make it in life. 

Tonight we saw Insurgent at the movies tonight. I love the Divergent series and this one was great. Like most movies based off the book the script writers took a great amount of liberties from the book but it was still an extremely entertaining movie. Plus, it has Theo James in there playing Four. Yummy! But I digress. My boyfriend went to the movie I wanted, paid for popcorn, and helped me balance everything with what he calls my giant ten pound purse. Then when the movie was out and I couldn’t do up my coat zipper he patiently zipped it up for me. So, if caring for your girlfriend is like caring for a toddler he passed with flying colors, with much appreciation from the toddler. And I felt just really happy and grateful to be with A. 

Plus, I had made him a photo book on mix book (Google it) right on the web and he loved it even though I screwed the end pages up and put nothing in and did not change the template on the back. I love mix book btw it is the greatest. A little tricky but it gives you the best place to play around with lettering and templates and pictures for your book. Just remember triple check what you print. 

That’s all for me tonight!