Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Nikki

Nikki shoots down the trail intent on the trail of a rabbit. She will never catch it but in her mind the rabbit is invading our territory. When she finally realizes she will not catch it Nikki stops and starts sniffing around. She stops to smell a tree or two then makes her way down the off leash trail hoping to make her way down by the river to  some beavers. I hear the slapping of tails against water and call her back ” here Nikki.”

She comes running at me like lightening as I am crouched down and I quickly stand up as she jumps at me in a full-out bound. Her nails scratch she tries to lick me and then she dissolves into thin air. I watch the off leash trail hoping she’ll be there, that she’ll return. It’s a lost hope but I can’t help it. She’s been gone a year almost now and walking by myself just isn’t the same as walking with her.


21 thoughts on “Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Nikki”

  1. Is this a true story Mandi? Don’t (or didn’t) you have a dog named Nikki? If it is true, then this makes me really sad! Hopefully it isn’t true and you still have your dog with you. This story is excellent – I just hope it isn’t true.

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    1. It’s quite a bit true. Your picture looks just like the off leash trails by my house. I was thinking about how it’s almost been a year today since Nikki passed away and how I’d feel going back to those off leash trails. Sorry to disappoint you.

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  2. That ending grabbed and yanked my heart out. But I know that can’t begin to compare to the feeling of losing Nikki. Thank you for sharing your loss (even if it’s not exactly how it happened). This is a touching way to honor your love and yearning for her.

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  3. I was going to say that I really like the idea of the ghost dog. Not so cool that she was your real dog, though. Well, you certainly managed to show the sadness of losing a pet…


  4. You capture the energy of Nikki really well. I don’t think dogs ever really leave us. I still swear I’m being followed by Bluedog, my shadow. And he had to be put down because of liver failure a 9 years ago now.

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  5. Awww how sad. I liked your twist at the end. When I first read it I thought it was from the POV of the dog but realized your MC was watching her dog and reminiscing. But that’d be a fun take on it as an additional flash fic piece, the same story but from the dog’s POV. good job.


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