Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Part II Our House: The Creepy Clown Funhouse

At gunpoint, Vanessa and Theo are led through an abandoned Circus theme park.

Oh God, I hate clowns.This place is so creepy, can’t you just let us go? We’ll never say anything about you.

Do you have to keep aiming that gun at the back of my head. We get it you’re in control. Vanessa and I understand.

I use to have nightmares about clowns Theo. Dear God, they scare me. Please, (Vanessa says looking imploringly at the gunmen) Let us go. Vanessa starts to cry.

The gunman and his two burly buddies take Vanessa and Theo into the fun house. They are separated and placed in a room full of distorted mirrors with the giant picture of a clown on the wall. They call for one another but Vanessa and Theo are tied up.

Vanessa, where are you?


Suddenly, the face of the clown seen through all the distorted mirrors begins to move. He climbs out of the wall (now the size of a human) with a knife in his hand and laughs maniacally.

Creepy Clown Funhouse

Creepy Clown

Word Count: 176 words

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5 Favorite Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Blogs

1. http://www.galmeetsglam.com – A fashion, decor, and lifestyle blog by Julia Engel. I love this blog especially to see the beautiful outfits Julia wears and how I can make my outfits look anything like her outfits. I also love to see the beautiful places she shoots on location like her last trip to Mexico.

2. http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com – I have raved about this blog especially about the hairstyles Kate teaches women how to do on YouTube videos. Never have I felt it so easy to do updos and complex to simple hairstyles before. Kate also blogs about fashion, her favorite makeup products, home decore, lifestyle, and her too adorable baby boys as well as stuff for kids. This tends to be a lot of her blog right now because she just had her second boy Luke.

3. http://www.sequinsandstripes.com – A fashion blog where you can check out the daily outfit and even shop for the pieces or similar pieces you like.

4. http://www.thestripe.com – From DIY, to fashion, shopping, wellness, and even a little bit of beauty, the-stripe has a little bit of everything for everyone. I especially love her fashion because it’s clothes regular people can afford to buy and round ups of items centered around themes like ‘spring break’ or ‘ NY fashion week.’

5. http://www.lezoemusings.com – Kelli is famous for her DIY projects around work and especially around her house. Her husband often acts as the photographer and takes awesome pictures. Kelli creates beautiful themed corners in her home and tons of pictures of her daughter for whom the blogs named Zoe, and her baby Axel. She is also extremely into fashion and takes pictures of her outfits and works for gloss48, an online beauty store with products of speciality from smaller beauty companies that you can purchase in the US.

Sonnet “Loss”

The pain that stings within my heart

When you decided to depart

It felt like I would fall apart

At the littlest sound I start.

I am in grief and it is bitter sweet

The memories we made follow me

But I have  no sight I cannot see

The spark that flew isn’t heat

Now I pray, release, release.

Answer me once, forget me not

Don’t leave me here to beg and rot

Have you no pity I need peace

Grant me some time so I know

You did not just throw me away.

Saturday Night to Life

I use to think the whole world was alive and vibrant every Saturday night. I looked forward to the rush of excitement, the shouts of joy, the laughter, the dancing, and a few drinks (or more). I remembering going out in a big group and loving every single song they played ( because it was my favorite) and taking my poor dance moves out onto the floor with the lights, fog, and other dancers encroaching on our space made around a pile of purses. It was a soaring feeling dancing to a hypnotic beat and loving all your friends — even though there was drama of one kind or another always. I think when the drama gets too much you start to grow up and not put up with a group mentality.

That’s when you stop getting together as a group first and start living other lives outside of school. It’s when you start to develop a career, start to not just hook up but find a lasting boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s when some of your friends become parents, it’s when your friends become engaged and get married, it’s when you can’t stay hung over the entire weekend, and it’s when things start to go wrong in life. 

Some friends you knew in high school or university die or get into serious accidents, mental health takes on a new meaning for you or those around you, and some parents of kids you grew up with become ill. You may stay home or have a job but things change. The glory of life is no longer yours in the same form it was in your late teens and early twenties. Glory comes sitting at the pub with a few good friends some nights. It comes in the birth of a child or seeing your best friend get married. It comes in finding the person you love and staying in together. It comes in lunch with a dear friend you haven’t seen for ages or an elderly grandparent in their 80’s or 90’s. 

Drama changes from little spiteful fights between girls or brawls between guys to real life problems and issues. You feel alive for different reasons, you dance in your car on the way to work, and your packs include people of all age groups. Life changes because suddenly you’re not preparing for it, you’re in it for better or worse. Now you really are an adult with much greater responsibilities, outcomes, failures, resentments, moments of pride, vulnerabilities, and happiness. 

But then some have said we never ever really leave school we just move up to different classrooms, classes, and teachers. Life is a classroom and we are always pupils. What do you think?

The 3 of Us

There’s sentences I can’t say, so I’ll just drift away.

The words of the hollow, the follow me nightly as I go.
I was tempted, oh was I tempted, and I almost wish I gave in.
But I can’t say those things, you’d figure out the story of the month.
I can’t open my mouth, it’s stuck, lips stuck, sealed, repeal your actions.
Can’t you tell I knew going there I would see the truth, the resplendent majesty of sunlight.
In darkness I waited, gave delight, and I’m still a little caught, in the trappings of a knot.
Release me stranger, so I do not think of you in the way that I do
You are but to me now a shadow, but I think of you as a kind of friend.
And I pray you’ll find the answers, what more can I do for you then do the right thing.
Languishing in this goodness, I gained back control, because I cannot handle two of you.
One of you is fine, but still I pine, and want the thing I cannot have — you.
In air of coldness, ample waters deep, I shiver in adoration and I know when you go away.
I can get out and dry off, oh for the sounds of my teeth chattering, going cold and still in snow.
But at least I released myself, at least I took the road back from hell.
Give more, do more, I made the decision, do the the right thing.
But I want to stay for cuddles and clashes at the midnight hour.
But I’m broken already, point two, of the choices made.
Choose never lightly, choose thoughtfully, choose hospitably.
You have to decide, and I hear three heart beats, his, mine, and yours thumping madly.
And I hope someone loves you someday, so your not single and alone, I hope you find your way.
Before frost, turns, to ice, and the chill of loneliness prevails. 

Sonnet “He Called”

He said to me “lets go.”

Let’s make this something right.

My heart fills with rays of light

I tend to take it slow.

He said to me lets cuddle.

I was surprised and said “for real.”

Let’s make ourselves a deal.

And your lies left me in a huddle.

He took me hand, I went.

Temptation left me too much alive.

My life was going into a dive.

So to him I lept and for him I sent.

The consequences of my actions

Give me pause and I beg for his reactions.

Just a Few Things To Say

One thing I detest about chronic fatigue is that on different weeks and days I can feel very different. Some days my body just wants to lay in bed all day and some days I actually feel quite normal and want to go to the mall, the art gallery, the Beauty Lounge, or some other place that is not a doctors office. Yesterday was one of those days I spent in bed. My ears were so plugged up and I had such a headache that I spent the day sleeping. This was not CF related just a cold/flu and once I went to the drugstore that evening to get some Buckley’s I felt so much better just like that. It is my go to medicine for congestion but Neocitran is also very helpful at night.

This morning I feel okay. I was almost considering going to the mall but I still feel quite tired. So, I stayed home and did school work for my Fiction course. We are critiquing the beginning of each others works of fiction and I had a couple of stories to go through this morning. Both quite interesting and I feel how will I compete? But I know my style is just different then the people I’ve been reading. So my story which is basically chapter 1 is my 10 pages that I will be submitting from How Was Last NIght For You and I did do quite a bit of work on a setting which the first chapter was missing. I hope it fits in okay because the rest of the story, especially that first night, is dark and chaotic for Nina and John. Anyways it’s been a helpful course and I hope it can manage two at the same time as I’m starting the Copywriting course next Monday. Both will end around the same time and I pray they will balance out so I’m not trying to do two big assignments at once.

Hence, with the school work the last week of Photography 101 kind of went down the drain and I felt I had enough taking pictures for awhile. It’s too snowy here now and everything is covered up it. So last week of that course shot to hell but that is okay. I would very much like to do Writing 101 again but know I cannot handle that with my other two courses.

Also, I told A I had enough of his “sleeping bags” which are pilling and not very big that he calls blankets for his bed. They are either to hot or freezing. So I looked around and found him a nice duvet it’s a mix of down and microfiber so he won’t get too hot and I got him a nice white and grey stripped duvet cover to go with his red sheets. Finally, I will be comfortable when I sleep over and there will be enough blanket for the two of us. So, looking forward to introducing A to what an actual bed should be like. Just have to get him something to make the mattress a bit softer later and it will be perfect — a padded mattress cover I think.

Everything else is good! I think I will go up to the mall tomorrow and go a few places I need to go and then I am not sure what this weekend holds. A is at work for two weeks. Not sure what my friends are up to yet but I do feel I will need a bit of recuperation after this flu finally goes away.

Take care

Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Our House

Theo and Vanessa are sitting in their car smoking a joint and looking at attached houses.

Boy, Theo I’d sure love to live in one of these places one day. They’re gorgeous! and imagine what the insides look like.

Yeah that’d be pretty cool. I like the light blue one. There’s a little white BMW parked in front of it that could be us. You know when we’re doctors or lawyers or whatever the hell we want to be.

 I like the blue one too. I think that’s our place.

Yeah we could have a kid or two there and make out nicely. 

Kids? What the . . .

Suddenly, the car doors are shoved open the joint is thrown out the window and gun is pointed at Theo’s head. Vanessa is in the back held by two burly men. “Drive, drive now!” the man with the gun pointed at Theo says. With tears in his eyes Theo starts the car and begins to drive. Who knows if it will ever be their house now.

Words: 174 words

Theo and Vanessa's house in Light Blue
Theo and Vanessa’s house in Light Blue

Ode for Joy

There are times when life can be so suddenly simple. That no matter the journey ahead you feel especially confident of yourself, of what you can handle and face. I have been polling people on the Internet and in real life asking them if they knew or when they knew there spouse was right for them. 

I have had a great variety of answers from I knew right a way to I found out this person wasn’t right for me. And I guess the truth is we never know 100 percent forsure. What I found more are little moments in time when people realized something about another person that made them akin to them. My Godfather always told me he knew his wife was right for him the first time he talked to her on the phone. He hadn’t met her yet, but he called his mother and told her he had met the woman he was going to marry.

As for myself, I’m still quite far away from marriage but A and I have this general plan. This plan has terrified and made me panic since the moment it became real and it’s 2 years away or more. A has been sure the moment he loved me that I am the girl for him. It is why through 5 break ups of about a week each we keep getting back together. And I complain to my girlfriends that A is doing this again. But I have learnt it is much better to keep a relationship between you and your beloved and that your friends are of course going to take your side. But they haven’t heard the other side of the story which is usually his. Him being dumb or just clueless. Or him keeping his mouth shut when you are dumb or clueless. 

But slowly this whole freaking out about committing my life to someone has eased. A great calm has descended and I feel that I can face what challenges I face ahead. I can face it because I’m with the right person to face it with me and even when times are tough we find our way back. And we have what it takes to make it in life. 

Tonight we saw Insurgent at the movies tonight. I love the Divergent series and this one was great. Like most movies based off the book the script writers took a great amount of liberties from the book but it was still an extremely entertaining movie. Plus, it has Theo James in there playing Four. Yummy! But I digress. My boyfriend went to the movie I wanted, paid for popcorn, and helped me balance everything with what he calls my giant ten pound purse. Then when the movie was out and I couldn’t do up my coat zipper he patiently zipped it up for me. So, if caring for your girlfriend is like caring for a toddler he passed with flying colors, with much appreciation from the toddler. And I felt just really happy and grateful to be with A. 

Plus, I had made him a photo book on mix book (Google it) right on the web and he loved it even though I screwed the end pages up and put nothing in and did not change the template on the back. I love mix book btw it is the greatest. A little tricky but it gives you the best place to play around with lettering and templates and pictures for your book. Just remember triple check what you print. 

That’s all for me tonight!