Ode to Lingerie

Oh, Lingerie sitting there in that glorious powder pink drawer
You are my favourite and the best of all the clothing I do adore
I love you see through lacy bra in pale off white
And matching thong, your sure to turn on
Mixed in with bright pink push up bra, the prettiest of them all
You hold, the girls up so they just won’t fall, oh what a job
All you muted black and white, you aren’t my favourite but we do alright
And nude strapless bra, you’ll go with anything at all
I adore you with silky boy shorts that don’t show any lines at all
And delicate fuschia slip, made of the softest cotton, and silk
I love thee best to sleep in on a summers day when the house is much to hot
Beautiful gown of the silkiest seal gray, you make my day with lace up top
With a back that dips, matchings fury clogs, and seal gray robe
How luxurious you all make me feel, pampered if you will
And comfortable like my purple boxer short pants, silky, soft, luscious
And I long to wear you with a flowery tank top, in purple satin, feels divine
Oh, Lingerie we were made to be; I with thee, and thee with I.

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