Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – The Empty Bookstore

‘Main Street Books’ the sign read. But a giant problem existed in this once thriving bookstore — it was empty. It was the middle of the day, the sun was out and shining like the orb of light it was. People were out walking around the shops in the neighbourhood. There were mother’s with kids, people going to and from work,, teenagers, and lazy vacationers. You would have thought someone would come into that bookstore just to browse the selection of books.

But there was a problem for small  bookstores these days and the words that best described this problem were: Ipad, Kindle, and Kobo. To few people read paperback books anymore. It was killing the business and killing a part of history with it. You couldn’t get back erased computer information but you always had a paperback book (or a hardcover) piled up around the house forever.

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Day 3 – Fragile

There was a day that upon your shoulders you took me ofF
I had to stand and be the fighteR
You left with me skills, never left without giving me a plethorA
Of sage like wisdom, grace, so I never did LaG
Compared to many I was strong, the life had I
And all this I gained at the hand of your help, faithfulness above alL
Yet, I learned to trust and trust came stuttered way of breathE

Despite all this I learned to be strong one must remain FRAGILE