When Things Get Busy

One way I have found I have had to function since I first became sick was to actually schedule in rest days into my week. Other people don’t understand this often. They think that if I did something the day before then logically, the next day, I should be restored. But that is not how Chronic Fatigue works. CF works so that you go to sleep but are be never mentally or physically restored. And even restoring yourself to the small levels of energy you have after an event out can take an extra day, even two.
But I have learned how to deal with this. Mostly, I just schedule something every second day and only the odd time do I schedule consecutive days with events.

Lately, I find myself having to squeeze a lot into my days and what I’m doing compared to the average person isn’t that much. Most people are pretty accepting of how I need to function. We can usually both find a day that suits us to meet. But lately, I feel like a crazy person trying to schedule in all the friends I missed seeing over Christmas, blog, start reading for my fiction course, read other books, keep my areas in the house clean, go to appointments, have time for self care, exercise, and schedule in A who is here everyday until the first year of his chef school is done in the next two months or so. Plus, I’m trying to find time to do wedding scrapbooks for a couple friends, not wear myself out, and do all the little things that come up. Maybe this isn’t much to you but for me I’m trying to fit everything I can into like 1/3 of a day because that’s what I can handle.

I use to thrive in a busy environment. And if I couldn’t find something to do I would find something such as the gym, walking the dog, or reading while working full time and going to the gym three days a week. But I loved it and I had boundless amounts of energy to do some things at night and on the weekend. But it’s important that I try not to compete with that person because I’m not her anymore. There has got to be some slowing down btw 23 and 30 anyways. But sometimes I wonder if cramming my days so full was healthy? Maybe it got me to where I am today — chronically fatigued. I’ll never know what truly caused my body to react with such fatigue mentally and physically but there are always little things I wonder if I could have done different. If I could have stopped my synapses on my neurones from misfiring. But I could wonder forever.

For now I just do the best I can and take delight over the little things like my new knee high leather boots that came in today finally. They fit perfectly. Or I value that I will see my friend on Thursday. We’re busy so there’s been time in-between but every time were apart when we see each other again it’s the same as it’s always been — giggles and laughter. Plus, I’m excited for a Writing 201 poetry course. Anyone else taking this? Sign up please it will be fun.

So as busy as I am for me, it’s important to take the time to relax and build up strength because that gets me through the day. Not to mention, having a plethora of things to look forward to. There is only 5 months to Las Vegas that is something in itself.


11 thoughts on “When Things Get Busy”

  1. I hate to hear about how this Chronic Fatigue has affected you. I hope and pray they find the cause and fix it for you. I know you are on sleeping medication, but have they tried Temazapam for you? I felt my body heading in the direction that you explain and this helped pull me out of it. LAS VEGAS! So much fun! (Also so very expensive and it didn’t use to be). So, you will only be a few states away from me, why not stop by? 😀

    I am taking this poetry class but I know NOTHING about poetry. I will need your help. LOL!


    1. Temapazzam I’ll ask my doctor about it. Actually down in Canada LV prices haven’t changed much $600 or $700 if you go in the week for a decent hotel. Aw I’d love to visit I think it’s a lot to pack into 5 days though 🙂

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      1. Are you talking about the Las Vegas that is in Nevada? Or does Canada have a LV too? I was referring to Nevada. I can remember the days when you could get a motel room (nice one) for $35 a night and nice buffet meals were free or only $5. (That’s been a while). They just wanted to get people there to gamble. Now it is so touristy that everything is high. I was only kidding about stopping by to see me. That would be a tough thing to do in 5 days. 🙂


  2. It’s good to see you taking the positive out of this experience. Nd you know, that is a lot of things you listed above that you need to do (cheers to you!) 🙂 it’s nice to hear you have understanding people in your circle, looking forward to seeing you in writing 201 😉

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