Tyger, Lamb, and Dead Sylphs

The tyger in the room prowls and flicks his tail.
He stretches his long feral body and gives a lazy stretch.
He knows he has me cornered, cowering like a lamb.
My inner nature of experience, he is the tyger “burning bright.”
But he fights with my soul, one of innocence, a lamb lead to the slaughter.
So, either I’m a monster prowling around or a carcass many enjoy with Greek food.
Yes, I am stuck!
Between a rock and a hard place, to be exact.
And swirling streams of consciousness, suck and scar my soul.
I am the honest one, the good girl.
No I am the liar the cheater, the tyger “with immortal eye” whose “fearful symmetry” I deplore.

Oh, Blake, you knew human nature all to well.
We too easily destroy ourselves by making bad choices.
These choices lead us to dark paths, though some experience is good, the rest is aghast.
Though some innocence is good, we need experience to make it through life.
All I wanted was some new experiences, to have a wandering nature as I go in life.
But curiosity he is a cat, one with orange stripes and deep fathomless eyes.
And the fluff of lamb hair I hold so dear, she went up in a poof of cloud to live with sylphs and other innocent beings that are no more.
I am a creature of experience now and I don’t know what to do?
Give a chance to someone new or hold with my old faithful who always returns to me.

He is not perfect, but he learns, and knows me like no other.
My new danger lurks and knows me as I tell my story, knows I am difficult.
But knowing and living with are two different ways.
And I am scared to know him, lest I be branded with a scarlet A and called a traitor.
What actions do I take tyger flicking eyes towards his pray, a blue-eyed blond steak ?
Or, what do I do little Ariel of the Sylphs?
Are her locks still unshorn my lamb?
To be within these places screams danger and sensuality.
Tyger let me rest awhile, I cannot always be on guard.
My hair is gold and Bishop once told a story where a lock was snipped – he shorn the lamb and I must protect her or I am lost.
All for The Rape of a Lock, a tyger, a lamb, a and a Scarlet letter emblazoned upon my chest.
Oh, where’s my sylph, she is no more.