We Get Lost

On certain days we all get lost, trying to unfathom the unfathomable.
We try so hard just to make it work, and make it right,
That when we fail we are as lost as pennies in a pond full of pennies.
To succeed we think, we must make everything a success, we cannot fail.
But we don’t see that to err is human, and to fail is to do what we do best.
We try to change, ourselves, to change each other.

But I realized last night we cannot change other people, only they can change themselves.
And if I tell you the truth then you’ll realize, most people don’t want change.
Most of us are content in our shells, and don’t want to alter for someone else.
Should we alter for someone else, should we change to fit our souls together?

I do not know what wars you battle on the inside, but I have felt the scars and pricks of my own battles.
I have felt every now and then a pain so sharp, I scarce can breath.
But these horrible pains can be overcome in time, like pains of birth, they last only so long, and what remains is strength.
A person tattered, no longer torn, a beautiful strong woman who cannot be ignored.

But like any seed who breaks it’s shell to become a root, we too must break our shell and become something greater.
On certain days, I cannot deal with the pain of these moments.
But I know that there is daylight, that the pain he left, it will heal, and there is someone out there to love me better.
To love me all the more for my scars.