Heart Breaker

Blank space, blank choice, little child of angelic voice.
Blank tape, blank hate, person of all brilliant things.
Make way, make haste, if you have a voice speak it now.
Cause you are the tone of a thousand rings.
Self-assurance, security.

Blank song, sing along, blank heart so desolate.
Black choice, blank ring, play the ringtone cut off the song.
Cause you are the moon in my sky, light up the sky all big and bright.
Stole away my heart that sings, cause your a coward, I hope that stings.

Blank voice, blank eyes, lying spies that betray my sight.
Blank hate, blank fate, how will you face me now you think?
Cause you are the child that never grew, selfish boy I’m talking to you.
Say what you say, when you want to sing. But you’re a liar of broken dreams.

I thought if I said it, you’d here my song.
I thought if I meant it you’d show a little strength.
I thought if I vented, you’d end my suffering

All these blank pages, I’ll write alone.


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I'm a Canadian girl who loves the local sports scene. The NHL and CFL And recently, some NFL games. Also, I’m into hatha yoga, walks in the river valley; drawing and painting, makeup, hairstyles, and the beauty niche. Also, I enjoy learning about improving my writer the other topics in seminars, classes, TED Talks, and podcasts. I’m a casual Freelance writer and worker. Both on various subjects of academia in the humanities, social sciences, business, arts, and architecture. I’ve also freelanced blog in beauty, health, skincare, and related topics. I’m an excellent researcher in most any subject. I’m also a freelancer of a different kind for a company called Givergy. Moreover, I love dogs and love hanging out with my friends and family whenever I'm able. I enjoy spring, summer, and early fall when the weathers warm and there are many festivals and activities occurring. I'm also a writing fanatic. Check-out some of my published poetry on www.spillwords.com. I’ve been published on other literary sites, as well. Recently, I had a short story published in a Cinderella Anthology, Cinderella Reimagined. It’s available here: https://www.amazon.com/Cinderella-Reimagined-Anthology-Retellings/dp/1979701970/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523903011&sr=8-1&keywords=cinderella+reimagined If you need to contact me or are a blogger/writer or a blogger for a cause and are interested in being Interviewed, please visit my ‘contact page’ at the top of my blog.

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