Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash and Rinse

I decided to try a new shampoo and conditioner last time I was at the hair salon: Hydrate Me Rinse and Hydrate Me Wash both by Kevin Murphy and are kaka du plum infused. Both came in 250 mL bottles that lasted a little longer than a month.

Hydrate Me Wash is for normal to dry hair and creates a ” silky” feeling in your hair and hair that is “sensual to the touch.” It is a E A moisturizing shampoo and I was quite pleased with how the shampoo worked. It created a good lather and left my hair feeling squeaky clean. It did not take too much shampoo per use, maybe about a quarter size, and it lasted slightly longer than the conditioner. The one thing I did not like about the shampoo is that it had a slightly chemically smell and I prefer my shampoo to smell good such as apple or just good old clean shampoo scent.

Hydrate me Rinse is an E A moisturizing conditioner that “hydrates” and “infuses” hair with “moisture and gloss.” It is also for normal to dry hair. Although the conditioner too was slightly chemically, it was nice and thick something I love to see in a hydrating shampoo because I know it will work well and soak into the strands of your hair fantastically. I was not disappointed. This conditioner is super moisturizing but it did take quite a bit of conditioner per use to put in your hair, about a tablespoon. Because of this fact, it used up slightly faster then the shampoo.

All in all, both were excellent products from the hair salon and my only complaint is the chemically smell, but this was not bad enough for me not to use them or try them again. They were a bit pricey at about $30.00 for each 250 mL bottle so I think it’s more the kind of shampoo and conditioner you use only a couple of times a week along with something else.



Daily Post Photo – New

I love art and painting. Especially vivid layered paintings where you can see the strokes the brush made of paint and the thickness of the paint used. What really draws me to a painting though is that I’m able to see something new in that painting every time I look at it. I may see a stroke of brown one time, an area that it seems the artist forgot to paint ( or maybe not?) another time, and different shades of grey paint going in various directions another time. Even in the simplest of paintings a person can see a million things and each person will see something different then someone else. For these reasons, paintings are always new and fresh to the beholder’s eye.