My Random New Years

Last night I had big plans to go out for supper at Earls or to the Druid later and ring in the new year. But two things happen: the skirt I bought for New Years didn’t suit me so I wanted to return it and waiting for my boyfriend to get his haircut for three hours I became extremely tired and hungry. A came back bringing McDonalds and I was already in a sparkly sweater, leggings, and high sparkly stilettos ready to go out. I had a headache and my head was just thumping. I took an Advil and awhile ago I had texted A, let’s just stay in. Which is ironic because that’s what he maybe wanted to do at first.

But I stayed up to midnight and I watched Ryan Seacrest ring in the new year in NY with a whole bunch of singers and bands. Lady Antebellum was my favourite from Nashville. And pretty much as the ball dropped in NY I was in bed and trying to sleep. I had a restless sleep but now it’s 1 pm and I feel sort of awake. A went out later last night, I wish I could have gone.

I was also thinking about New Year’s resolutions and if I should make any. You are supposed to be direct about your resolutions and break it down into small completable steps. But I’m not sure I can do that because the things I want to accomplish I don’t know that I am humanly able to be able to do them.

I want to be healthy, but I have little control over that besides watching what I eat and trying to do just a little exercise. But I can’t make my illness go away, I can just pray I’ll heal. The other thing that I want to be able to do is know what I have. I think I am becoming close to what disease I have through these recent blood tests. I think I will find some answers, I hope. I want to be able to do cardiovascular exercise to lose weight but I’m just not able.

I can make smaller goals such as I would like to blog three to four days a week. I would like to see a friend at least every two weeks. I would like to keep a cleaner room and I would like to be more useful around the house. I would like to get a B- in all my editing courses or more and I want to pay off as much debt as possible. I would like to take a vacation with my Mom.

There are so many things I would like to accomplish but some of these goals require miracles. And I’m still waiting on those. Some of them I’m able to accomplish and I look forward to completing some of these goals. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Did you have an exciting New Years Eve?



7 thoughts on “My Random New Years”

  1. I actually slept through the night. I hope you find the answer that you are looking and all will be well 🙂 . I tend to tire out easily this past year by talking or cooking (little things like that) my only exercise is a little walk in the morning, maybe you can try that. Just walking even if it’s not everyday 🙂


    1. It’s the same with me, little things are the worst sometimes. I used to be able to walk now it hasn’t been easy. It is cold here now so I don’t think I’ll do that but I am going to try going on the elliptical 3 days a week for 5 minutes. Glad u slept. Happy New Year!

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  2. Happy New Year! Sorry about your thumping headache, glad you could still enjoy NY, even if you didn’t go out! We didn’t go out either, its kinda funny. When the girls were little, we were pack them up and all that went with them and head out to friend’s. Now that they are way old enough to not have to take diaper bags,etc. along we stay in. LOL! We usually have friends over or family, but not always. Last night my parents were with us for a couple hours and after that we all were watching Ryan also 🙂 Then my one daughter and hubby went to bed and my other daughter and I stayed up til 2:30 reading! Praying for good health and answers for you this year!!


  3. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well. That is a bummer. I hope they are able to give you a diagnosis from these latrest tests. It has to be awful to not know what’s wrong with you. As for my resolutions. The only one I have is to start a “happy note” jar. I will contribute happy notes to my jar as happy things happen in my life. I think it might be fun to see what comes out of it by the end of 2015. 🙂

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    1. Headaches just happen sometimes. I think in this case I might have waited to long to eat and born the consequences. That seems like a very good idea to place happy thoughts in a jar for next year. I think the surprise of what you would find in 2016 would make make one very grateful for all the good things versus all the bad things that happened in the last year. Goodluck with that!

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      1. I think it is a way for me to focus on the positive things in my life, instead of the negative and unpleasant ones. I look forward to seeing what all I have in my “soup pot” at the end of the year. 🙂

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