Christmas Cheer

It’s done. The Christmas celebrations are over for this year. Not that I don’t love the celebrations but I find them exhausting too and I didn’t even do a good portion of the work to be done this year.

Christmas Eve my family prepared for the evening. I cleaned up the bathroom downstairs and my stuff in the living room. But that’s about all I could handle. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I keep waking up btw 4:30 am to 5:30 am. Eventually I fall back to sleep but I wake up exhausted. It’s going to be about fine tuning my sleeping medication as it is every so often. So either I need more medication that helps me fall asleep or more medication that helps me stay asleep. I think I will go with increasing the Clonazapam which helps me stay asleep. I’ll try that tonight.

Anyways, at Christmas Eve my family went to church and then came home to eat appetizers and sweets. Later, we opened presents. Generally, I think I mostly received gift cards and money and I was happy with that. But I do miss having something to open up, even if it is just bath stuff.

This morning I helped a bit setting up for a Christmas Lunch at 1:30 pm. We had ham, perogies, spinach apple salad, green beans, cabbage rolls, and I believe that’s it. It was very good. My mom put a lot of work into dinner. I wish I’d been hungrier but I’m kind of glad I’ve trained myself to eat small portions especially during holiday meals. All the company left around 3 pm and now I’m here in blessed silence.

I’m still very tired but hoping to go Boxing Day shopping tomorrow early on to Kingsway. But my Mom might be too worn out to go tomorrow. Right now I’m watching a Christmas Tradition: The Muppet Christmas Carol. How great is that!

I went to see a rheumatologist before Christmas. He asked me a lot of questions and sent me for blood tests. Something was wrong so he sent for more tests. I’m curious what is wrong. I never had anything wrong before and they’ve done tons of testing on me since I first got sick years ago.

Oh well all in good time. Merry Christmas!