Stuck in the Middle with You

I feel a little stuck lately. I had all these plans to read and catch up in all these series I have read. To reread some books and for others to read the final books in the series that seem to have all come out at once. But you know what, as much as these books hook me on a regular basis, right now I’m just not feeling them once I get down to the task of actually reading them. I feel extremely excited to read them eventually but today, right now, I can’t concentrate except to find more books on my tablet I would like to read. So it’s a bit of a hard thing but I just can’t seem to get into any of these books.

It’s much easier to write myself and tell you about some of the posts I plan to do in the next week. I have to get working on my book so I’m going to write the 3rd instalment of How was Last Night For You and if I’m very productive a chapter four as well. It has taken some thinking on my part about where I want to take the story next and having finally some idea, I intend to do some major writing.

Also, as smaller pieces go, I have to go back and write a piece for Writing 201, a piece making a point and proving it. I was so busy this last week I could not take the time to do this even though I have spent my life in education writing pieces like this, that prove a point. Thirdly, I have a couple beauty pieces, one on a shampoo and conditioner by Kevin Murphy, I tried and the other on a couple Benefit products and a Revlon product. So look forward to seeing those sometime. No promises but this is the plan. By the way, I will post on the Writer’s Place (whatever it is called) for the book chapters.

As for other things, as I said I plan to read I hope a great deal, I want to exercise a bit more maybe on the elliptical. And I need to return to doing some Yoga. I found the perfect New Years Dress in my closet. It is black lace with a peplum waist for the Druid on New Year’s Eve and I have these crazy silver shoes that have sequins all over them to where on my feet and a silver and pearl necklace I used for a picture on here once called A Swarm of Pearls and that will make the outfit. Looking forward to Christmas Eve also, to family, and snacks, presents, and little children singing at church.

Additionally, I had a wonderful mani/pedi this week in bright pink! Seasonal I know. I also went to see a rheumatologist who sent me for more testing for my fatigue. And I took 2 days and finished proofreading a final for proofreading. I was so happy to be done that and mail it off two days ago. It was a lot of work by hand but I learned the copywriting/proofreading symbols well. I’m all ready for April now. Also, I’ve been talking to my Mom about going to Vegas in May or so midweek to midweek. It will be a bit more expensive that way over a weekend but a lot of fun!

Cheers all! Merry Christmas!