Waiting A Long Time

There are times when you are waiting and time just flies by but there are other times when the seconds ticking by feel like years.
I’m not sure if I prefer time passing slowly or time passing fast.

When I’m having a great time and want time to pass slowly it doesn’t seem to. I’ll be having a great time with friends or have projects I need time to finish and suddenly I’m out of time. But when I’m waiting for a good time to start, time passes lazily, slowly, and boringly. Particularly, when I’m waiting for a ride or when I’m waiting for a bus, time slows down.

Tonight I have an hour and half to kill before I can go to the bar with A. But I just prefer to start my evenings earlier because it doesn’t feel like I’m waiting all day. Maybe I just get bored — I think that’s the problem. But when you’ve done all you think you can do without tiring yourself out for the night, what do you do? I’ve watched TV, read, surfed the web, pinned on Pinterest, Facebooked, and anything else I could think of, so now what?

Partly, I think it depends if your an evening or a morning person. I most definitely was a night person but now I’m like an afternoon to 9 pm person lol. That’s when I’m at my best I mean. I’m not a morning person at all. I’m still kind of drowsy from sleeping medications at that point.

But maybe it has to more do with that I get all my stuff done at an earlier time then A. He gets up at 1 pm usually and does a lot of stuff late afternoon and night. He’s 5 years older then me and when he goes to the bar at midnight or 1 pm, I’m ready to go home these days. Sometimes I get out there and I’m great, could last to morning. But usually I like my sleep in the mid mornings hours. It’s a shame because some places such as Las Vegas become alive at that time.

So, I’ve passed some time writing and watching different movies. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is on and I haven’t seen LOTR in a long time. Probably, haven’t seen it since it first came to DVD. But I am looking forward to LOTR predecessor The Hobbit: Battle of The 5 Armies (something like that). I’m going to see that with my little brother at the end of next week.

But that should be about it for tonight’s ramblings. I think I should go get ready now it’s almost 10:30 pm. Thanks for listening, it made time speed up for a moment.