Visiting A


Write for 10 minutes without stopping. Whether you correct your errors is up to you.

I am at A’s this morning. We stayed up to 2:30 am last night and I didn’t even realize it, I thought it was 11:00 pm. But I slept well and sometimes it’s hard to sleep in a bed that’s not your own. But three little pills for insomnia and I slept like a baby. I didn’t even notice when A came into sleep.

I woke up refreshed at 11:00 am and had a shower. I dressed, put on light makeup and got ready for the day. As I was finishing getting ready my boyfriend popped his face into the bathroom and asked me if I was done. I wasn’t quite ready but my hair was dry at least and I could tell A is not use to ladies taking along time to get ready in the bathroom.

I went back into the bathroom after to pull my hair half up with some dry shampoo, some teasing of my hair, and some bobby pins. It’s a hair style I learned off the hair section of , it’s one of my favourite blogs. But I am not big a fan of all the baby posts but I guess it’s exciting for Kate (the blogger) and other Mom’s. Frankly, pregnancy just scares me and I don’t think I’ll have any of my own due to my health issues.

So now I’m sitting on the couch opposite my boyfriend. We are going to try to get tickets for Hudson’s for New Years or maybe the Druid. I think dinner would be fun so for $30.00 I will get tickets for us. I got a dress that’s fancy but not too fancy for it from RW&CO.

Speaking of ordering, I saved enough cash to get my new knee high boots. I had to order them and they’ll be here in a month. I’m excited because my old ones are coming a part. It is expensive to order off But they make beautiful boots and flats. They are comfortable and have some lovely materials and colours that they make their shoe/boot collection out of. They just launched a line of men’s shoes and boots this last week. What I really like about them besides my lovely black boots, is that they are a local business and it!s always great if one can buy local.

So now I’m just writing. A is dozing and It’s nice to be here with him hanging out.