Changing of the Seasons

It’s cold and the frost hangs in the air, babies breath frozen.
And although it’s warm and toasty inside, a shadow draws near and stuns the day,
Looking for that sunny winter clear cheer but my eyelashes are stuck with snow so thick it’s icy to blink.
Do you know the passing of the hours, the days that are devoured devoid and devastated by times stopping ice cold.

I go where I can, I go where I must.
But I wish for sunshine sublime sweet light.
I wish for beaches sand white as bone.
I pray for the days I lost this past ete, bring back the fresh grass that rabbits hop through
Find hope in the warm breeze of a starry night, liquid gold touching the sky.
Find transcendence in the brush of barefeet through sand on the beach each crystal exfoliates and brings me to shore as the water laps at my toes bubble gum pink for the month.
And I’ll sit and tell you a story of how a man loved a woman, and woman learned to love a man.
A summer romance as we glide on through the days festivals ablaze.
Food dripping in sauce and tasty and shared by a glass of sangria or some type of draft.
Call out birds chirping outside my window, whirly bird send a tune loud and clear.
Drift the sun bathed days, coconut sunscreen, and splash in the pool with tens of little kids. Screaming shrill intense words to a friend and a dog jumping into swim in the pool, licking faces and shaking droplets onto everyone

Oh cold bitter blustery blizzarding days end swiftly.
My soul calls for warmth that triggers the heart, that sends blood pumping for the first of the tulips and call of the warm breeze … Fantastic.