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A Book, A TV Show, and Some Other Things.

Changed format and a few things from yesterday!


I miss a quiet house when everyone is home over the holiday. Time passes more slowly and I feel as if I have all this free time after Christmas and I’m not exactly sure what to do with all this time. I believe this coming week will definitely pick up but the weekend was about as slow as it could get.

Sleep issues played havoc with my concentration so I felt, having tried several times, I couldn’t pay attention to any kind of reading. But knowing I had a small library of books to read in my iTunes book library, I endeavoured to try different sleeping medication options given to me by my sleep psychiatrist so that I had a restful sleep and could think during the day.

I added half a tablet of clonazapam to what I was already taking and viola I could sleep through the night. It…

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A Book, A TV Show, and Some Other Things.

I miss a quiet house when everyone is home over the holiday. Time passes more slowly and I feel as if I have all this free time after Christmas and I’m not exactly sure what to do with all this time. I believe this coming week will definitely pick up but the weekend was about as slow as it could get.

Sleep issues played havoc with my concentration so I felt, having tried several times, I couldn’t pay attention to any kind of reading. But knowing I had a small library of books to read in my iTunes book library, I endeavoured to try different sleeping medication options given to me by my sleep psychiatrist so that I had a restful sleep and could think during the day.

I added half a tablet of clonazapam to what I was already taking and viola I could sleep through the night. It has been that way for the last 3 nights, so I believe I can actually do activities this week.


Today and yesterday I spend reading the new novel by Meredith Wild in the Hacker’s series called Hard Limit. I’m about a third of the way through and so far it delivers as the three other books in the series did — good romance, exciting plot, lots of tension between the main characters, and some good sex scenes if you’re into that. See meredithwild.com for further information.

The other activity I’ve been doing is watching The Fall with Gillian Anderson ( The X – Files ) and Jamie Dornan. Dornan as Paul Specter plays an elusive and intelligent serial killer/ family man whom Anderson is trying to find after a series of similar murders. There are only six episodes in Season One and I have only two episodes left. I’m excited that Season Two comes out January sixteenth on

Jamie Dornan as Paul Specter on the Fall
Jamie Dornan as Paul Specter on the Fall

Netflix. It is an HBO series and the second season just ended. It is very much a thinking crime series and a tad graphic at times but it is odd to see the very personable ( I think from interviews) and former model Dornan playing such a dark character. You’d never know he’s usually a very good-looking and happy guy. Anderson plays a similar type role to that if her character on her old TV series. She is serious and detailed as a police investigator. What is fascinating is the whole idea of morality on this show. It would seem that Dornan as a Dad of two, with a lovely wife, and a job as Grief Councillor, would be a great guy but he’s a serial killer. He is also extremely perturbed to find out that one of the woman he killed was quite a few weeks pregnant. Kids are important to him.  Anderson it would seem should also have greater morals then she does but the viewer sees that even in the Police of Belfast morals are pick and choose. For instance, Anderson’s character thinks nothing of having an affair with another police officer who is married, she never thinks to ask.

Meredith Grey ( Ellen Pompeo) on Grey's Anatomy
Meredith Grey ( Ellen Pompeo) on Grey’s Anatomy

Between watching Seasons One and Two of The Fall to finish and go back to episode five of Grey’s Anatomy. I have watched it religiously for years but since it was not on the same TV channel I just watch it on my iPad when I have time. I would like to finish out the last couple years of Grey’s but truthfully I’m much more into Scandal these days.

Tomorrow I’m off for more blood testing, banking, some errands, and to see The Battle of the Five Armies, the third instalment of The Hobbit. I’m excited to see it but not for the sudden cold taking the bus will entail. Also, looking forward to seeing A this week and New Year’s Eve at an Irish Pub, The Druid. It will be fun to dress up and I’m hoping it’s not to icy to wear my silver heels. Happy to see my man and enjoy 2015!

Cheers all and Happy New Year!

Benefit Lollitint and Revlon Dark Blond Eyebrow Pencil

Lollitint comes in this bottle as well.
Lollitint comes in this bottle as well. http://www.sephora.com

1. Benefit Lollitint – Sephora.com – $36.00 – I had tried a very red colored cheek stain of Benefit’s before and hadn’t been happy with it but recently, they have come out with a couple new colors to their cheek and lip stains which I have been dying to try. The one I chose to try this time was Lollint a purplish-pink shade which I use on my cheeks especially when I don’t want to wear a lot of blush. It comes in liquid form so I just take the brush and dot a whole bunch of Lollitint all over my cheek then rub it into my skin. I have pale white skin so Lollitint is the perfect color and gives you just a flush of that purply-pink color. I thoroughly enjoy using it and my only complaint is that it sort of washes away anything under it. So, if you are wearing foundation to cover up a few blemishes, your blemishes will show through underneath this product. So, if you have a lot of trouble with your skin this probably isn’t the product for you but it is quite lovely if your skin stays mostly clear and also comes in other colors I’d like to try such as posietint (see above).

2. Lollitint Lip Balm – sephora.com – $22.00 – When I saw Lollitint Cheek and Lip Stain

Lollitint comes in this container as well www.sephora.com
Lollitint comes in this container as well

had a a matching Lip Balm i had to try to. This lip balm is super hydrating and like the cheek and lip stains comes in several different colors. It is great to use to give your lips that purpley pink tint you have on your cheek yet works on smoothing dry or cracked lips. I found this products use as a lip Balm to be as good a Burt’s Bee’s Lip product and that’s saying something since Burt’s Bee’s Lip products are usually made to  cure cracked lips. So definitely, try these two products in Lollitint.

Revlon Brown Pencil www.ulta.com
Revlon Brown Pencil

3. Revlon Dark Blond Eyebrow Pencil and Gel – ulta.com – $7.99 – This is the perfect pencil for your brows. It has a sharpenable pencil at the one end of this product which you can buy and it fills in your brows and at the other ends it has a container full of eyebrow gel in your color (for me dark blond) to keep your eyebrows looking real, like eyebrows with seperated hairs etc., I completely recommend it and it is so cheap. It is only $7.99 on Ulta and $11.99 in Shoppers Drugs Mart in Canada and lasts a couple of of months. Eventually the brow gel runs on and the pencil becomes to small to sharpen but for the price and the fact that you are receiving two products in one, the product is so worth it   and makes your brows look fantastic.

Christmas Cheer

It’s done. The Christmas celebrations are over for this year. Not that I don’t love the celebrations but I find them exhausting too and I didn’t even do a good portion of the work to be done this year.

Christmas Eve my family prepared for the evening. I cleaned up the bathroom downstairs and my stuff in the living room. But that’s about all I could handle. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I keep waking up btw 4:30 am to 5:30 am. Eventually I fall back to sleep but I wake up exhausted. It’s going to be about fine tuning my sleeping medication as it is every so often. So either I need more medication that helps me fall asleep or more medication that helps me stay asleep. I think I will go with increasing the Clonazapam which helps me stay asleep. I’ll try that tonight.

Anyways, at Christmas Eve my family went to church and then came home to eat appetizers and sweets. Later, we opened presents. Generally, I think I mostly received gift cards and money and I was happy with that. But I do miss having something to open up, even if it is just bath stuff.

This morning I helped a bit setting up for a Christmas Lunch at 1:30 pm. We had ham, perogies, spinach apple salad, green beans, cabbage rolls, and I believe that’s it. It was very good. My mom put a lot of work into dinner. I wish I’d been hungrier but I’m kind of glad I’ve trained myself to eat small portions especially during holiday meals. All the company left around 3 pm and now I’m here in blessed silence.

I’m still very tired but hoping to go Boxing Day shopping tomorrow early on to Kingsway. But my Mom might be too worn out to go tomorrow. Right now I’m watching a Christmas Tradition: The Muppet Christmas Carol. How great is that!

I went to see a rheumatologist before Christmas. He asked me a lot of questions and sent me for blood tests. Something was wrong so he sent for more tests. I’m curious what is wrong. I never had anything wrong before and they’ve done tons of testing on me since I first got sick years ago.

Oh well all in good time. Merry Christmas!

Two Different Eyes


You can singlehandedly create a causal relation between two things that are currently unconnected — a word and an emotion, a song and an extreme weather event, wearing a certain color and winning the lottery. What cause would you link to what effect, and why?

Jenny had two different coloured eyes. One was the deepest sapphire blue and the other a magnificent oaky brown with just a hint of olive green stretching out from the pupil. The story goes that when you have two beautiful but varied eyes as Jenny did one can see into the next world, into the future.

From the time she was a toddler, Jenny’s mom, a single parent named Marlene, would bring Jenny to where ever or whom ever she was visiting and Jenny was supposed to say something to her mother’s hosts about some lost loved one or say something about the their future.

Truth be told, Jenny didn’t have to say to much and people would assume she was talking about some dead relative or dog that was trying to reach them through the after life and tell the people that they were okay. Or people might assume whatever they want. Jenny became very gifted at reading people, their emotions, what they wanted to hear, what they liked to hear, and she was a very good listener who picked up on details in conversations and looked at physical details around homes.

Jenny knew none of it was true and by this time she was only 5 years old. But she knew mommy and her needed money to eat and she had to often gone to sleep on an empty tummy. As she became older and went to school she could read her classmates and teachers all who commented on the piercing blue of her one eye and the darkness that overtook the other as she used her talents of perception to tell high school student’s that they might pass or fail if they did this or that. Or that this cheerleader would no longer be a virgin after visiting her boyfriend from another school that week. Student’s held her in reverence because what Jenny told you seemed to always come true even though the simple truth of it was, Jenny could not see into the other world anymore then you or I can.

But there was this one time Jenny was asked a question by a guy. He was a senior and bit like her quiet and kept to himself. The strangest thing about him was that he had one purply-blue eye like a bruise, and the other eye was solid black. No one in the school knew if he was like Jenny. His name was Dex and Dex was in and out of school as he pleased. Although he looked more like a James Dean type, he was extremely smart and passed his classes with barely a scribble. Most of the girls secretly adored him but he never showed any interest, but he liked Jenny.

Corning her in a deserted hallway at the high school one day he tapped Jenny on the shoulder. Her blond hair with pink highlights swung in his direction. ” What would you like?” Jenny muttered in a hurry.

” I have a question” Dex told Jenny with confidence. Jenny held out her hand and Dex stuck $10.00 in it. ” It’s an important question” Dex smiled automatically putting Jenny’s unruly curls behind her ear. ” I want you to tell me where I might be going this weekend and with whom. I need to know if I’ll be as close to this person as I think I might be. I want you to tell me why she lies and why she won’t lie to me?”

” That’s a lot of questions” Jenny said holding out her hand and Dex placed another $10.00 in Jenny’s hand. Inside, Jenny was quaking. She knew you had to be careful of people like Dex, people who could see through lies. She didn’t know what she was going to tell him but when he placed the second $10.00 in her hand he didn’t let go of her hand. He held it tightly in his larger calloused hand and Jenny shivered.

Suddenly, she began to see things she never had before. In her mind she could see her and Dex in his rebuilt 1979 Mustang. They were talking animatedly and later she saw them playing in the water. Dex kissing her and leading her up the stairs to a giant light filled bedroom where he gently held her and became her first. She saw years from now, her and Dex, her belly ripe with child and another little one holding her hand. He had two different coloured eyes. She saw her and Dex holding hands as a middle aged couple, as an elderly couple.

Dex it turned out could actually see what Jenny claimed to and if you would have looked at her then you would have seen something strange happening to Jenny’s brown eye. Sapphire blue was mixing with the brown and shading out Jenny’s oaky eye so her brown eye now looked the same as her blue eye except for a little green near the pupil. ” You won’t lie anymore” will you, Dex asked Jenny. Jenny shook her head, she had seen the change of her eye in her mind as Dex still gripped her hand.

” Did you, can you, see all that?” She asked. Dex nodded letting go of her hand and pushing Jenny’s hair off her white forehead. ” Is it true?” Jenny clambered unsure of herself. Afraid, of being exposed for the first time ever.

” Yes, it’s true if we want it to be” Dex replied. “We always have choices Jenny.” Jenny breathed deeply and let the air out through her disbelieving lips. Dex leaned in and placed a kiss on Jenny’s cheek. ” This next week is Spring break my parents have a cabin? We could go swimming and whatever you like?”

The weekend came and Jenny found herself in the lake swimming with Dex. She laid her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arm around him. He tightened his grip on her. How strange she thought. People do actually see the future. She had always thought it was a lie, a game to make money. But now she knew better and was blessed despite her checkered past.

Stuck in the Middle with You

I feel a little stuck lately. I had all these plans to read and catch up in all these series I have read. To reread some books and for others to read the final books in the series that seem to have all come out at once. But you know what, as much as these books hook me on a regular basis, right now I’m just not feeling them once I get down to the task of actually reading them. I feel extremely excited to read them eventually but today, right now, I can’t concentrate except to find more books on my tablet I would like to read. So it’s a bit of a hard thing but I just can’t seem to get into any of these books.

It’s much easier to write myself and tell you about some of the posts I plan to do in the next week. I have to get working on my book so I’m going to write the 3rd instalment of How was Last Night For You and if I’m very productive a chapter four as well. It has taken some thinking on my part about where I want to take the story next and having finally some idea, I intend to do some major writing.

Also, as smaller pieces go, I have to go back and write a piece for Writing 201, a piece making a point and proving it. I was so busy this last week I could not take the time to do this even though I have spent my life in education writing pieces like this, that prove a point. Thirdly, I have a couple beauty pieces, one on a shampoo and conditioner by Kevin Murphy, I tried and the other on a couple Benefit products and a Revlon product. So look forward to seeing those sometime. No promises but this is the plan. By the way, I will post on the Writer’s Place (whatever it is called) for the book chapters.

As for other things, as I said I plan to read I hope a great deal, I want to exercise a bit more maybe on the elliptical. And I need to return to doing some Yoga. I found the perfect New Years Dress in my closet. It is black lace with a peplum waist for the Druid on New Year’s Eve and I have these crazy silver shoes that have sequins all over them to where on my feet and a silver and pearl necklace I used for a picture on here once called A Swarm of Pearls and that will make the outfit. Looking forward to Christmas Eve also, to family, and snacks, presents, and little children singing at church.

Additionally, I had a wonderful mani/pedi this week in bright pink! Seasonal I know. I also went to see a rheumatologist who sent me for more testing for my fatigue. And I took 2 days and finished proofreading a final for proofreading. I was so happy to be done that and mail it off two days ago. It was a lot of work by hand but I learned the copywriting/proofreading symbols well. I’m all ready for April now. Also, I’ve been talking to my Mom about going to Vegas in May or so midweek to midweek. It will be a bit more expensive that way over a weekend but a lot of fun!

Cheers all! Merry Christmas!

Loving Christmas


The holiday season: can’t get enough of it, or can’t wait for it all to be over already? Has your attitude toward the end-of-year holidays changed over the years?

I’ll admit it! I love Christmas. It is better than your Birthday and better than any other holiday we experience throughout the year. There is something to be said about the uniting of family and friends to share tasty treats or a large delicious meal and coming together and just talking and being one large family. By family I mean, family can be anyone. Family are your closest friends, strangers who have no where else to go for the holiday, your immediate family, and your extended family — relatives you never ever even met before.

So no I can’t get enough of Christmas but the way I look at Christmas has changed. The most memorable Christmas to me as a child was when I woke up earlier then everyone in the house to go see the presents. I wanted a Barbie house so so much! And I woke up and sitting in the living room was this huge box with my name on it. I went back to bed for it was only 5;30 am but I couldn’t sleep. And then around 8 am when we finally opened presents I ripped off the paper of that large box and behold a Barbie house! A beach Barbie house with bedrooms and a dock that we found a blue container that looked just like a pool that Barbie and Ken could jump in. I loved that Barbie house even though through years I grew out of Barbie. But that was the issue, toys and opening presents, and candy use to be important at Christmas.

Now people, conversation, laughter, and memories are the most important things I value from Christmas. Not mention that a little baby named Jesus was born on Christmas to save the world from sin. I’m sad that my boyfriend is working Christmas because this is a message I would like to share with him every chance I get. He is Muslim and has different beliefs then I do. To him, Jesus is a Prophet, and God is not a triune God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So despite loving him I wish he would understand that Christ was born and later died for him too and that he needs saving as much as anyone. But I will get to see him on New Years so I’m just happy about that.

Luxebox: Chalet Chic Edition

It’s that time of year and I’ve received my 4th Luxebox. Everything is great although they did forget to send me my Disposable Cleansing Clothes for your face but those will come later. Here’s everything else I got:







Poem: What is Freedom? That without a past.

In my small slice of time, I’ve learned that each day, there are people who’ll come and softly fade away.
There are those who are there then out in a fright, a firecracker banging once in starlight.
And there are people who are there for a certain test of time before they say ‘goodbye.’
And there are others yet still, who exist to pull you through the falls into sparkling light.
But yet remains a person I detest, those who existed for awhile made a live wrenching impression then disappeared.
Those who were important but fade to shuddered sight — those who cut your soul and make you ask — what was the point of you, to drown me in my past.
And years tremble by like water in a fountain, babbling away every drop they ever made.
But water is circular and water is the chill of bones when it coldly lands on your skin once more.
And you’ll never know how a memory can fade and resurface and splash you in the eye mixing water with your tears.
Perhaps it’s me but I don’t know, perhaps you’re a memory of someone who was special who will never let me go.
I seek closure, and I seek compassion that God would ease my demons as I walk through life.
But time will grow and whisper through the years, and your eyes, your smile, that face will never let me escape my mind.
And I shudder to think what cutting all connection would do — but I think it would free me — a girl can hope for anything right?
Whatever you meant, you don’t mean that now, we both know it but I’m sliding down in sickeningly deep mud, endless piles of little loves, until I’ve blown up your importance far to much.
Forget you I pray, until you’re only a prayer on some occasion.
So I never think that your the one that got
So I never see I’m a failure, and I did a lot of boys disservice.
Maybe I’ll forget to recognize the way you treated me in the past — that there was a reason we never stood hand in hand.
I’m just reminding myself to give up again because what I have I love.
And attraction like that is just lust.
You are no different then an actor who I liked briefly.
You are just too much for me to handle.
No one I’ll ever get close to.
You are gone now — but oh how your memory enslaves me.
Oh how I hate those in memory who wait and strangle all hope of forgetting from you.
Oh how I wish there was a solution, that I could go out in this world and be free of all the chains that bind me.
What is freedom? That without a past.