Where The Skeleton’s Live

2nd Version with fixes


Bringing usual objects to life … trying again, correctly this time with prompt #4.

My closet is full to bursting even though I go through it seasonally and give to charity or throw out what is worn out, out of fashion, or what I never wear.

There is a scale of colour in my closet spread out between thin boned arms that always seem to crack and break. I spy mostly black clothing but all these pieces of clothing are built of cobwebs of lace, silk, satin, polyester, and cotton. Such strange materials for webs.

The bones rattle when I go in my closet to choose something to wear – a dress, or shirt, or a skirt. I can feel the dust of bones between my pale ghostly skin and the itching material of my clothes. I wonder why skeletons would reside as such interlopers in my closet. Haven’t they…

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