Rushing for Christmas

I often wonder at Christmas why we are all in such a hurry? We have plenty of time leading up to Christmas given Christmas stuff comes out sometimes even before Halloween stuff. One could do a little shopping at a time, plan whose gift you are going to by in November or even in a October trip to the mall, and alleviate the stress of shopping right before Christmas.

I have never found that things go much on sale as it is. And even if you pay a bit more isn’t it worth your sanity? Or try shopping online and picking out presents here and there as time and money permits to avoid debt and stress. You can’t buy everything on the Internet but I assure you that there is always a sale on line, always!

I love giving and I like getting presents but I think we forget that Christmas isn’t just about Father Christmas or Santa Claus giving out presents to all the deserving girls and boys. Have you ever not meant a deserving child?

We forget that the reason that Father Christmas have out all these presents was because God gave His greatest present on earth at Christmas time. He (Jesus) was the best gift because he would save humanity from all their wrong doings, their sins. He would prepare a place in Heaven for all who believed in Him and He would die on a cross and defeat sin, death, and the devil to do this. God gave the ultimate gift His son and Jesus gave the ultimate gift Himself. That’s the true and real meaning of the Christmas we celebrate.

If you don’t agree that’s okay. Celebrate Christmas how you celebrate it but you should at least know the back ground story as to why those of us who come from Christian backgrounds ( and many of us from Europe do) years ago celebrate Christmas. That we don’t have to stress ourselves out over Christmas just celebrate and enjoy our holidays.

And to be honest, with gift cards, hasn’t that made Christmas shopping way easier anyways. Don’t most people besides maybe little kids, like to buy what we want and not end up with what we are just going to set aside and not use? Just a thought.