A Plate

Hub Challenge #4 – Write about a mundane object making it sound exciting by using descriptors.

It is just like any other flat disque but slightly rounded at the edges with a brown line circling all the way around. The clay disque is attached to a round base made by taking a piece of clay, rolling a thin line out, and wrapping it in a circle. You place the disque on top after making it smooth and almost bowl like on a potters wheel.

The disque is smooth, but you can see these little circular lines around the disque smoothly travelling down into a medium sized circle at the middle of the disque. Right under this circle is the base and glaze or paint will cover the lines around the disque. You place the disque on the base and paint it an inspiring colour, such as a beautiful turquoise, and you fire it in an oven.

The glaze you paint becomes smooth and glossy. The weight of the dish becomes a heavy yet sturdy plate that can be washed in the dishwasher even. You paint it turquoise again until you are happy with the depth of the colour and shine. In certain places more colour is picked up by the clay then other places. That is one plate and no clay plate made by hand can be exactly duplicated; it is a unique plate.



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