Photography 101 – Day 10 – Winter’s Mystery

Winter’s mystery in fragile snow soft.
Lie upon the rooftops, outline the trees.
Float upon the grass, and between patio bricks.
Where does the snow fall, in what shape or form?
Will there be more and will it fall damp and thick?
It’s only November, and the sky casts gray.
If you live in Alberta, enjoy your winter 8 months a year.
The groundhog, fall, spring — they have no say here.
The snow comes on padded feet dusting the land in the mysterious ambience of winter white — frost creeping in to keep us all frozen.
The shape of a snow flake a peculiar thing, to build up in piles
And make you want to stay inside. The call of the cold frosting
Eye lashes.
I must go outside and see beauty divine.