Just A Girl

Hey! Just an update tonight. I’m loving Lady Antebellum’s new CD “747.” Honestly, I love all their music but this CD is just one of their best CD’s in a long time. My favorite songs they sing on it are ” Hey Bartender” which is a great song for dancing with your girlfriends at the bar when your getting over some guy; ” Just A Girl” a good song to play when your feeling used or unseen by a guy or girl you wanted there to be more with and your tired of being used; and ” Falling For You” a song which delivers what’s in its title, falling in love with someone new, those first sparks of love.

Just A Girl

I’m crossing my fingers they are coming to concert in Edmonton soon because I’ve never seen them in concert and would love to go one night and see Lady A sing these and their other great songs from this CD and previous albums. Now to download the rest of Taylor Swift’s CD and see if “1984” can live up to the standards of “Red” her last and more ‘country’ CD. So far, I like “Red” better.

Otherwise, I’m way a head on Christmas cards this year and have all the one’s out that need to be mailed. I like sending them but it is mentally fatiguing writing out messages for just less than 20 people. So I’m glad that is done. Christmas shopping is half done and I believe I’ll be able to do one trip in 2 weeks downtown and one last one to West Ed. after an appointment in early December. That should finish it all. I am most greatful to be getting some extra income every month so I don’t have to be so careful when I buy presents or shop for myself for that matter.

Tomorrow I get to see an old friend for lunch tomorrow. We go 2 or 3 times a year to a Chinese place called Red Diamond. I enjoy lunch with my friend and like to deliberate her advice. I always feel so much less burdened down afterwards. I also get to go for coffee with another friend next week for coffee. Is it weird I have completely switched from being a Second Cup person to a Starbucks person? I still enjoy both but if you asked me what I prefer I’d tell you Starbucks. I enjoy their hot chocolate, cold tea beverages, hot tea beverages, and their Greek yogurt, honey, and granola. Not to mention if I want a piece of their raspberry swirl loaf it is never dried out!

Also, A is back from his first shift up North in months. He was excited to be back at work. I’m happy he only works 2 weeks on and 1 week off instead off 3 weeks on and 1 off. It means I will be getting to see him more which is a bonus. Everything is going well otherwise. Enjoy Lady A!



Photography 101 – Day 7 – A View of Old Montreal

There are few places in the world like Montreal in Canada. The mix of the old world European architecture with the modern buildings of more modern times. I had the time of my life in Montreal between the food, restaurants, old Montreal, the St. Lawrence River, shopping down St. Catherine’s Street, and Musee des Beaux Arts. There is so much to see and do in Montreal. The best part of Montreal is immersing yourself in french Canadian culture whatever you do. They do not speak true Parisian french there but it is interesting to hear the mix of English and French while one is taking the Metro. Here are two of the fantastic landmarks my brother and I took in there:

A view of Montreal by the St. Lawrence River.
A view of Montreal by the St. Lawrence River.
At the University of Montreal.
At MacGill University