The Gala on a Rainy Sheer Night

Challenge 3: 1st Picture – tell me about it! See below story for picture! Stream-of-consciousness…

The rain soaked my slender boots as I ran. It had been pouring and drizzling all day, tears from God, my mother would’ve said. The sky was a dense grey mass and thunder rumbled just as wheels on a gravel truck in the distance. Flashes of lightening spontaneously illuminated the sky, one so close my best friend and I jumped as the crackle of thunder with lightening caught us off guard.

I hadn’t been planning to go out that night, even though the gala was very close to my condo. I had planned on staying in to watch a movie with my roommate Kate and eating loads of divine buttery popcorn that we would make ourselves. I could taste the velvet of the butter and tang of the salt as I ran. Then water ran into my mouth dripping down my face and probably ruining my beautifully and carefully applied makeup. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara and long wear foundation.

As I ran, I dealt with the long silky cream skirt on my dress and held an umbrella above my hair so as not to ruin my carefully coiffed up-do. I had figured that an up-do would be a better option than curling my long dark brown hair for the Caratis Foundation Gala that night. My fiancée Skyler had wanted me to go. He had said something about it being good publicity for his work and an excellent chance to network for me — not to forget the hundreds of children the hospital’s yearly event saved.

The event was formal with tails and long evening gowns. But I shuddered to think how I would look once the rain had finished with me. Why didn’t I take a cab, I wondered? But the hotel Grande Parisian that this event was at was 5 blocks from where I lived in an old neighbourhood where many well established and successful ” rich” businesses held offices. It was in this neighbourhood I met Skyler coming home from work one day from the train 10 blocks away. We had been inseparable ever since, but he could be a bit of a spoiled rich kid at times.

Skyler was probably asking where I was now. I felt my smartphone ring in my clutch. Ah, there he was. He didn’t like going to these things alone it made him feel vulnerable, although he’d never admit it. He felt more comfortable with me, a friend, or business acquaintance there to lighten the expectations he felt imposed on him by others to meet and greet them.

Well, he wasn’t going to like how I looked when I arrived. Water had sloshed all over my silk skirt. Luckily I had chosen to wear boots and change into my cream colored stilettos, my toes wouldn’t have been able to handle the cold water puddling or the run. My feet were freezing as it was. The umbrella I held above my head helped so little when the rain came at you in all directions and my trench coat was soaked through to my silk gown.

I finally reached the Parisian and called Skyler to meet me at the door. He quickly encouraged me to go make myself presentable in the washroom. I hung up my coat and umbrella first and not paying attention to anything but my hair and makeup managed to salvage them and put on my stilettos. My gown was strangely cold and sticky but I ignored the uncomfortable feeling.

I ran out to meet Skyler at our table barely noticing the looks of passerbys, especially men, as I jogged as best I could in 4 ” heels. When I reached the dining area I heard a bunch of women gasp and I felt extremely self- conscious as I walked by several tables as people turned to stare.

When I reached Skyler he was deep in conversation with some guy I recognized from his work at the table. He brushed my back as I sat down then looked at me. ” Kyla your cold, wet, and . . . ” Skyler’s gaze dropped to my chest, then back to my face, then back to my chest. In fact, the whole table was staring at my chest.

It was then I looked down and saw the embarrassing and awful state of my undress. The off-white thick strapped and thinly fabriced silk chest of my dress was entirely see-through. I was small chested enough that I could get away without wearing a bra if need be. I had to with this dress usually, the deep V of the neck went quite low. But tonight the gown was see-through, wet, and still see-through when I looked again. I was cold and the sticky clingyness of the gown was all over, not just at the bottom of the dress where it didn’t matter. You could see my nipples and the outline of each of my boobs. If you looked low enough you could see the little lace nude boy shorts I wore on my bottom.

I gasped and went red. Everyone was frozen waiting for me to say or do something but an old man interrupted my impending speech. ” Kyla is it? Boy, I tell you Kyla, they don’t make tits like yours very often, not since I was in the Navy . . . They don’t have pretty girls like you at gala’s like this one often either. I think I’m going to like this gala.” Everyone around the table tittered. ” Skyler” said the old man, ” be a gentlemen and hand the lady your suit coat before I do.” There was more laughter and I could tell the mood at the table had relaxed.

Skyler went red having been caught staring at my chest and drooling. He smirked at me, shrugged, and gave me his suit jacket. “I like your dress,” he murmurs to me finally. I roll my eyes and dinner and the gala turned out to be okay after all.