Photography 101 – Day 5 – The Great Queen Nikki in Solitude

Solittude is defined in many ways. I use it a bit facetiously when I show you my dog in her place on the sofa because she was such a family dog. Nikki was a queenly dog. She could make a pitbull whimper and held herself in away that we could only describe as regal. You couldn’t quite get to see her yesterday because the pictures were blurry but today I have a full on view of her on her “throne” couch staring out the window at her world. She would bark at everyone she can see because you were on “her” property if you could see her. This is some kind of greatness. At least for a dog it is greatness.

She also had this quality being a protective and good pet. Nikki was a pack animal and we were her pack. My little brother was lower than her on the “totem pole” so she would often in her queenly way put him in his place with little nips. Despite that, she was loveable to her family and listened well. She might not have been good with those outside of her pack but like any great dog she had her favorites. Greatness can exist in even the smallest of beings in the smallest of ways. Yet she is in solitude alone,separate from her pack in this picture. She looks back on me as if to ask, “Where are you? Come her be with me.” Dogs always want to be with their people, even in their queenliness,

Nikki sitting on her coach throne and looking out her world, the Sheba, or queenly dog. Great in her own small way.
Nikki sitting on her coach throne and looking out on her world, the Sheba, or Queenly dog. Great in her own small way.