Photography 101 – Day 2 – A Road

Photograph a Road

We all come across roads in our life. Roads that lead someways and roads that lead other ways. A crossroads can actually be an archetype for a decision. One must decide which way to go in life when facing certain choices. One road may lead to some place good while the other may lead to some place bad. Or both roads may lead to someplace wonderful, to an Ithaca or both to some place horrible.

The Road to Ithaca

is poem about an archetypal and mythical journey to some place amazing and fantastic. The voice in the poem faces danger and all sorts of different things on the way. But in the end we learn it is the journey that is important. Do we facing a crossroads dare an “Ithaca” a wonderful and adventuresome journey to the unknown. There’s only one way to find out. One must choose a road. . .