The Poem You Never Want to Hear or Believe

You forgot about me, I feared this day would come.
My best friends in the world and you didn’t make the time to make time for me.
I haven’t asked much, it wouldn’t matter if I did.
You’d just say:

I’m too busy, I want to do what I want to do.
I don’t have time to take the time for you, you require special effort.
I don’t have time to make myself think about everyone, I forgot about you, you probably wouldn’t have made it anyways.
Or would have wanted a ride, wouldn’t have had money to spend $80.00 on a cab both ways.
You don’t say so much anymore, you don’t drink so much, your not the fun person you you used to be.
We forgot about you, but we’ll remember you when it suits us.
We don’t have time to make plans, don’t want to make the effort to have to make a date, your just too much effort.
We forgot about you, it happens more and more, your name doesn’t come up.
And when you ask us along, it’s only going to work if it works for us, we work all the time.
We’re too busy for you, we forgot about you, we live busy lives.
I have a boyfriend, I have a friend, I don’t talk to you about that stuff anymore.
Somewhere along the way I forgot about you, what would you talk about anyways? You don’t work, can’t go to class anymore.
We forgot about you, for sometime now your not as interesting anymore.
We forgot about you, you know we have partners, have kids, and that’s just the way things are.
We don’t have time to breath, no time for you, not to call, text, plan, write.
We all grew up and we forgot about you.
Don’t take it to heart, go meet some people, that’s right, your stuck inside.
You can’t go out late at the moment, we don’t get your energy thing, we say we do, but we don’t.
We never had our lives changed by a mental disease, nice to see you once in a blue moon, but we’re to busy to make the effort to stay in touch.
We forgot about you, it’s been happening slowly for years – you can’t be independent drive yourself, stay the night.
We can’t be bothered to try anymore – we’ve forgotten about you on purpose.
Time changes all things.
We forgot about you, you use to call us friends.

And I cannot be bothered, not to be hurt.
To make excuses for your behavior again and again.
I am your friend, that’s not going to change.
But I’m tired of waiting, so I’ll just forget.