Nights Like These

‘ It’s Friday.’ I think. ‘ I should be doing something.’ Maybe, I’m just past this phase of having to go out Friday night or maybe I just don’t care. But it wouldn’t be quite true to tell you that.

After getting use to habitually having little energy around 24-years-old I soon became familiar with the stay-at-home-Friday-night and usually I’m not a fan of it even if half my friends are starting families.

There is an energy and quality of let-loose and be-free about Friday night’s I miss terribly. I miss the drinking, the random philosophical conversation’s at 3:00 am, and the laughter and conversation that encompass a good time. Most importantly, it’s a feeling of belonging. I am without a — you-belong-here-with-us — on Friday nights. I still get the odd Friday out but I’m much more likely to be be worn out on a Friday then I am on a Saturday or Sunday night so I look forward to those. But other times I’m kind of grateful just to kick back on Friday and watch a movie or TV, read a novel on my IPad, or just surf the fashion blogs and Pinterest.

Hey, I’d be out there in the Friday night trenches if I could, I think. But realistically you have to have had a busy and productive week to look forward to those Friday nights, to make them seem special. Instead I was out last night at Olive Garden with my boyfriend and then over at his place until late and unless I’m exhausted from what I’ve done in the day or the day before I can choose any night to be my Friday night. It’s almost as if Friday night has lost its uniqueness for me. I’m not bragging because I would actually rather have the ability to work in the week and provide a living for myself. Some people wouldn’t but that’s my simple dream. That and to have my Friday night’s back.

I don’t miss the hangovers, I don’t miss creepy people at the bar, I don’t miss convincing my drunk friends they need to take a taxi home, I don’t miss the awful food one eats at 2:00 am when only battered chicken fingers or anything dripping in sauce or grease will do, but there were some great memories, some great people, and some funny episodes. A big part of me hopes they’ll be more times like these in the future (minus the greasy food and bar related shennanigans) because as much fun as it is to come up with and write your own story, it is an equally or even better adventure to live your own stories.



6 thoughts on “Nights Like These”

  1. Friday night is date night for me and my wife. A nice bottle of wine (Rioja) and a nice film. Its nice to have someone to share Friday night’s with and then you have the best of both worlds. Have a good time …

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  2. I miss Saturday nights. Friday was always my night to stay in and recuperate from the work week (back when I was still working which I miss as well). Saturday was the night to go out, and have a bit of fun. Now, I don’t really know what to do with myself on Saturday evening. My friends are married with families, and I am the only single one left. But, I have some pretty good memories 🙂

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    1. I get where your coming from it’s hard to go out when your friends all have kids to take care of. Maybe you could meet some new friends trying different activities around the city who could be more going out friends?


      1. Yeah, I could try that. I am a little old for the bar scene, not to mention that I decided a long time ago that hangover’s were for the birds. I do have a love a collecting fountain pens, and I know there is a club that meets monthly. But, these are people who are serious about their pens, and will spend hundreds on a pen. I happen to like good pens as well, however, my budget limits what I can buy. I have never been to that meeting as I am somewhat afraid of going new places by myself, and none of my friends collect pens and stationary (for writing proper letters, not the emails that send instant messages to people. I like writing the letter longhand.)

        I do have one friend who is into a lot of different activities, and is always willing to take me along. Maybe I should work up some courage and try something new. 🙂


      2. Sounds like going out and trying some things with your one friend would be good. I like pubs I usually feel to old at the bar myself but somewhere u can sit watch a game and listen to music, have a couple of drinks –not a slew lol is nice. Plus, there are a lot of different activities to try just like yoga classes or other exercise classes, art classes, writing classes, etc or upgrading for work or anything u can think of to meet new people lol. I can’t do a lot but taking classes and going to the gym has definitely worked for me in the past 🙂 also, wine tastings, or things that are like offered on Groupon like I’m going to this chocolate and wine tasting thing that is supposed to be really neat. Cheers!


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