Blogging 201 – Get A Read All Over

So, I wasn’t entirely sure how to show the 3 different views of my site on smart phone, tablet, and computer. But I took pictures of my computer with my tablet and will attach the photos. I am happy with how each view looks, even the smart phone view is good despite the fact that you can’t tell what the header is the smaller you go. But in my blog, the story or the text, is most important so that is what I want readers to be able to view easily.




7 thoughts on “Blogging 201 – Get A Read All Over”

    1. I’m quite happy with my theme right now. I just changed it not to long ago. It doesn’t bother me that the header is not that viewable on a smart phone. It looks good on tablet and computer.


      1. okay, actually its not only about header, I can see you are missing on some basic elements like site navigation menu, sidebar, etc. They help in great way to have better organization of content over the site. However if you are happy with current theme then keep it. 🙂


      2. I think you were correct see what you think with what I’ve done with the theme now. It shows in all 3 screens well. Has a side bar (I’m not 100 % on what I want where yet) but you get the idead 🙂


  1. Yeah, looking pretty much better now. 😀 Moreover, you can experiment with different themes from time to time and look which serves your purpose better. However, while choosing the heme make sure your content is better visible and readable to readers. 🙂


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