Writing 101 – Adverbless Magic Hour

Life ebbs and flows, which way it will go nobody knows,
and the vastness of the sky made me feel alive.
I did what anyone would do when I cackled and conversed with the people that strode by.
I heard a lark or two, they told, and the grass around them was fresh and inviting,
As we sat in silence a moment and pondered the amazement of the moment.
That we should be here at such a place listening to silence, a forlornness.
And down in the park 3 mother’s paced by, pushing their strollers and humming.
It was an abstract moment that they should wonder by as we gazed and gloried at the sun glowing and absent beneath a clouded sky.
Dogs galloped down the trails in blazing anticipation of a stick or a rabbit, maybe a squirrel or just madness.
Puppy glory is something to be excited about as the pups stretched and rolled, pudgy bodies vigilent but uncontrolled.
And I waited for the little ones to bounce off with their owners, and a larger mut staring followed the gravel down those forest trails.
I continued walking my visage towards the light fading and haunting in the summer sky and came upon a rabbit friend still as stone, furry, and proud.
He bounded was confounded for a moment by my presence then up the hill and yonder, hopped on legs solid as the ground (our foundation).
He was spirited as the wind that blew each animal from his place in the wild.
I did not like the wasps. I did not like the bugs that flew and could sting a cry from us tyrant beings, not of this tree and meadowed place.
I pushed my legs further and ran up the hill, back home I went as night surrounded the peace found in the day that closed.
Some reflections we absorbed going back, we were tranquil, we were on fire having seen nature at an hour where dark turned to danger, and delights descended into life — liveliness.


Luxebox Fall 2014: Get Up and Glow

Yeah! the Fall Luxebox is here. I hope you enjoy the items as much as I’m going to trying them all out! Included is a Burt’s bee lip gloss, blush and contour brush, Susan concealer palette, body wash, a couple of face creams, and AG volumizing hair product. All are in the usual handy Loose Button sac, great for any number of things. Enjoy!