What’s Next?


Summer is one of the busiest times for me, or it has been this year with me not able to take courses at the U of A Faculty of Extension. I want to finish my Residential Design Program, I have one course left. But it doesn’t seem like right now I’m going to be able to take that course in September. Maybe I will take another Editing course at least. That is something I can work at in my own time when I’m feeling up to it and do not have to attend at night, a problematic time to concentrate for me.

But that’s an aside, what I want to tell you about is my summer. Since July 2nd it’s only been my Mom and I at home. This has been a lot more relaxing then having 4 people in the house. But at times I have also been so tired that I have slept all day for days in a row and had less energy then I have ever had before. I thought maybe at first I was taking too much sleeping medication but now I’m not so sure. It’s just something I’m going to have to deal with for now.

My brother had plans with friends for his Birthday on July 10th so we didn’t do anything with him.20140310-185615.jpg But my Mom and I picked up a small bar sized cake from Costco and shared that as our Birthday cake. The cake was gone 2 days before I turned 29 years old on the 16th of July. I wasn’t feeling the best on my Birthday but I got many great wishes from friends and went out with my mom and brother to Earls for supper that night. I had the chicken-bri-fig samwidge and a salad. It is sweet and great because you can save half your samwidge for lunch the next day. I’m also having a girls night at Earls downtown with some friends tomorrow. I’m so looking forward to it, especially having a few drinks. I feel like I need that right now.


Monday night at 10 pm I went for a late supper with A at Cactus Club Downtown. I loved the patio but had the glossiest Quenoia salad. I couldn’t eat most of it and even A said it was gross. He was treating me for my Birthday and because it was a special night he bought me dessert, a chocolate lava cake with ice cream and we split it. I think I ended up having more but it certainly made up for the salad as did the Flirtini.

It was a great night and I felt spoiled but I

about-camera.4wy.net Beauty is More Than Flesh
Beauty is More Than Flesh

could hardly talk to him the music was so loud. I didn’t mind but it is 4 weeks later, A is leaving for Morocco and we still haven’t had much time to talk. He made it too clear to me last night he doesn’t care and that he is too busy for me right now. This really hurt and it is totally disrespectful. He promised to see me before he left but I don’t think that is happening and I’m not sure I want it to. Maybe a month break is a good idea because I can re-evaluate what has been happening. Right now I just feel like my whole Birthday night was a joke. He made me feel spoiled and precious and had turned things around and made me feel worthless. Maybe this is a lesson to all us ladies, our worth is not based around any man. A women’s worth is innate, she is precious and lovable because of her heart and who she is inside.


One of the great joys in my life is visiting my Great Grandma Reeder. Evelyn. Not only does she stuff me with wonderful food ( I often bring a brother along to help with the food amount) but she is awesome to talk to. She has such a good memory and is full of so many stories about my Godparents, her Great Grand Children, her siblings, and life. I love to listen to her and only wish I could go over there more often. My health was not so good this Winter but I had an unusually good day the day I saw her. We ate salad, homemade macaroni and cheese, and triffle with giant strawberry halves. And I stayed over 3 hours even when Evelyn nodded off. Talking to her and the good and bad times in her life makes me feel that it is possible to get through this life, painful as it might be at times and we share a love of shoes. Who doesn’t love a women who loves shoes?

The rest of the week I’m busy with my friends Tuesday night, as I said, and going downtown peacefultoday. I’m also finally getting my hair done at Chrome on Thursday. My hair needs a good cut and I’m going almost white blond for the summer. That way when I go again in Fall I can just get some dark low-lights and my hair will be fierce. Sunday is a friends bridal shower so I have to purchase gifts for that. And later in August is her stagette.

That’s my busy summer so far. What’s going in your lives? Is summer a hectic time for you too?