Summertime in Sunny July and Some Reading

I have spent a great deal of time outside lately in the day just soaking up the sun in a lounge chair with my Ipad reading a book. I am a fast reader and have worked my way through many book series and titles. Nothing stands out as being really fantastic but I do enjoy Jamie Macquire books and she recently had a new title out called Beautiful Oblivian.There are 2 other books in this series that you can also read called Beautiful Disaster

and Walking Disaster. She also has some other great series out. I would consider them young adult/adult books. But they are written well and tell interesting stories about a family of brothers in a small town and of course there is a love story. So, if that is your thing then you might want to check Jamie Macguire’s books out.

I am also excited since Veronica Roth has come out with her book Fourbased off
of The Divergentseries she wrote before. I haven’t read the whole book yet but it is interesting to get Four’s background and view on certain incidents in the original series as the reader’s never got his view until the last book Allegiant.
On another note, I actually won something this week from a contest. I won six full sized nail polishes and one Little Bits of Neon set from a magazine calla DARE. When I first came across this magazine I was pleasantly suprised. DARE is a fashion magazine but it’s for women size 14 and up. Most of the models are bigger then that but the way they dress the models and the items such as makeup and there stories on certain topics are really good. Just as good as any other fashion magazine so that even if your not size 14 you can appreciate the style, beauty, and culture in this magazine. It can only be found online at and you can sign up to receive it in your email on the home site.

I also enjoyed spending Sunday with my mom for her Birthday at West Edmonton Mall. We had are nails done in shellac which lasts for about 2 weeks as apposed to 5 days for regular nail polish. We had Groupons for Merle Norman West Ed. so it only cost us $15.00 plus tip each. Full price it’s $32.00 for a shellac manicure and $45 for a pedicure so these are amazing prices for shellac which can cost upwards of $50 or $60 or even more.

We also went to Spaghetti Factory for lunch and I had this amazing Ravioli stuffed with mushrooms with bacon bits and it was yummy! I should have taken a foody picture but I didn’t remember so oh well.

The rest of the time before and after, we spent shopping. Mom was determined to find
certain items this day and after a trip to my Baba’s retirement home from 10:00am to 11:00 am and being in the mall after that until 5 pm I was extremely worn out. I think by the time we got to Simon’s I was just useless. But Mom found the items she wanted and I got some jeans as part of my upcoming Birthday present and a top at RW&CO. I think Mom enjoyed her birthday but I wish I didn’t get worn out so fast.

Also, spent sometime at the Downtown’s farmers market the Saturday before with A and it was good but some of the best vegetables and fruit are not quite out yet. But the cherries were excellent! Were supposed to go for supper sometime this week after 10 pm since it’s Ramadan for him. There is too much good food around in the summer 🙂