Being Happy (No Matter the Situation)

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you some Happy going on’s in my life since my last couple blogs have been about my dog and my sadness at her sickness and suffering. So I am multitasking and petting her with one hand and writing with my other hand.

Today I am headed to my quarterly appointment with my psychiatrist. Although I have to bus, because I have no cab $ at the moment I’m happy to be outdoors in the spring weather. Walking just isn’t the same without my dog so I imagine I will have to get used to that but I don’t feel the same guilt when I have to go somewhere and hop on the bus. I am hoping to increase my concentration especially for the course I start next week, by taking a 5 mg dose of Dexedrine around lunch when the 10 mg dose I take begins to wear off. 15 mg of the pill all at once is too much but maybe I can prolong the amount of concentration and energy I get from this drug.

I’m getting antsy about this course I’m starting next Wednesday and going to it at night. Being able to concentrate during the night will be a challenge. Plus, I really don’t care much about lighting except practically so I’m scared it will be boring. But it will be nice to be in class with actual students as opposed to the distance learning courses in editing I have been doing. I also look forward to am actual lecture as opposed to just reading all your course material. Additionally, busing home at night will be interesting and a bit scary. At least my brother is driving me to my class and that is the hardest part for me, getting out the door and getting started on an activity.

I got this beautiful navy and white blue chevron patterned maxi dress from Anthropologie along with a black tank top, a white tank top, a pair of golden leather sling heels, and new pair of grey and light blue runners. That’s what did me in budget wise this month. But it was nice to shop a little. The dress and heels were nice treats and the tanks which flow out beautifully were needed along with the runners that are Brooks brand. Now that I’ve done my Spring shopping hopefully I can wear my items. I also returned this tribal maxi dress. There is this pink flowing dress with a hem that goes up in the front that is much nicer for much less at Banana Republic at 40% off. I had to mention the shopping. I go so little now it is always noteable and I am more grateful for the items I buy and have to go with them. Going shopping less makes me think about what I really want and why.

Also, my boyfriend has had a bad back and been off work. It hurts him a lot at times. But it is great to see him weekly. I don’t know how I’ll manage when he goes back to work and I only see him every 3 weeks. But for now I stay over once a week and enjoy hanging with my guy a couple days and sometimes more. It is nice to be away from home and it is nice to stay up late and wake up late the next day. Although, the whole process does take some recovery on my part the day after. Besides his amazing cooking, I enjoy snuggling, going out, and just everything.

So despite the unhappiness of my dogs condition, life goes on and you realize everything will be okay, at least eventually. I have to go now Nikki won’t let me leave her she cries when I do, but I have to catch the bus. It will only be a couple hours!