Naturally Beautiful or the Makeup Queen

p_best_mineral_makeup_lWhen I first started wearing makeup, actual foundation and concealer, in grade 8, I was extremely excited. Then high school came about and my skin didn’t keep that perfect youthful dewy glow when it began to break out and leave behind red marks because my skin was so fair. Ever since high school, I have wished for skin like those women who have perfect skin without having to wear makeup. For the majority of women, if we don’t wear makeup people start wondering whether we are sick or having an off day.

Strangely enough, men say they prefer women who wear little or no makeup but they would especially say their girlfriends or wives are sick if they did not wear makeup. I don’t mean a ton of makeup, such as the kind guys feel should be reserved for special occasions, I’m talking about natural looking makeup — a little mascara, shadow, light foundation and/or concealer. But most men don’t realize how much makeup actually goes into looking natural for many women.

Presently, one of the biggest posts for women to do on Facebook is the no makeup selfie. I have noticed some women look

absolutely gorgeous in their selfie while others like myself had a bit of redness or marks that needed covering up. It is a hard thing to post a makeupless selfie if you are used to wearing makeup. Specifically, if you like wearing makeup and feel that you with makeup on is your most natural self. Good for all you ladies who posted your selfies but I kind of felt ashamed that I was scared to put my makeupless self on Facebook because I love makeup. To me it’s like painting, it’s an art. And although I tread on the side of natural looking makeup, I love the experience of getting ready for an event and wearing primer, highlighter, bronzer, and a smokey eye because I love how that looks; it looks artful and glamorous if done well. Sometimes if I’m just home by myself I’ll wear fancy makeup anyways just for the chance to do it.

My favourite tutorials for makeup are Pixiewoo on Youtube and I have learned a ton about how to blend and wear makeup from Pixiewoos so I recommend that channel. But at certain times I just like to play with my makeup at my own discretion but even I have my limits where makeup is concerned.

For instance, I have darker brows even though I’m blond blond and I don’t see a reason to use brow pencils or gels. I also do not feel I need fake lashes I have thick lashes naturally. The only time I would consider these things would be at photo shoot or a super special event such as my wedding or graduation. I also don’t wear great amounts of darker or bright lipstick or any lipstick at all. I like lip balms and glosses and only started wearing lipstick when I needed a shade of red for a 40’s Stagette. So, I have 3 lipsticks in all that I wear and only one of them is bright, it’s the red one.

makeupI guess what I’m trying to get at is that unless you are a girl whose caking on the makeup, wear makeup how you want, no matter what Facebook is encouraging or what guys think about makeup. If you like to wear a little less makeup then some women, wear less. If you like to wear a bit more makeup, wear more. There should be no shame in enhancing our facial features if we make the choice too. And if it’s fun for us to do this, all the better reason to wear or not wear makeup. Choice in anything, in any art form, is key.

There is so much makeup out there and so many opinions on what looks good and that it can be hard to receive the look you want. My best advice is to go to Sephora, the Bay, or Shoppers Drug Mart and have a beautician do a makeup look on you that want and that suites you. Also, watch videos such as Pixiewoo on YouTube but understand that there are different occasions for various makeup looks just as there are different occasions for having various pieces of clothing to wear. Most of all, just enjoy your beauty routine be it simple or complicated. And don’t be ashamed of having not so perfect skin, most of us are not that blessed as perfect beauties. We need a little help to enhance our appearance.


2 thoughts on “Naturally Beautiful or the Makeup Queen”

  1. I laughed about your line “if we don’t wear makeup people start wondering whether we are sick or having an off day”. Many years ago I worked for a Company that frowned upon sick days. When I was really sick and I obviously needed a day off, I used to turn up to work without make up. All the guys in the office used to say “go home you look terrible”.


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