And This Week Brings . . .

It’s the beginning of another week and only 1 and 1/2 weeks until Christmas? Are you ready are you prepared? I look forward to

spending the time with my family, yet another part of me is a bit loathe to give up having the house to myself. I like getting up late and just lounging before getting to work on whatever I have going that day. Things change when the house is full. But by the time Christmas vacation is done I will sad that everyone has gone back to their jobs and school.

There is bitter sweet news for me. I was crunching the numbers and after Christmas expenses I think I will have to wait on my beautiful tattoo. I think I’ll have to wait until spring. So I have canceled my consultation and said I will re-book with the same artist (who does the watercolor affect well) in March or April. I just feel a bit more comfortable with that considering an hour is around $160.00 plus a materials fee. For the 3 or 4 guesstimated hours I think I will save up a bit first. But I look forward to having those lovely flowers on my lower back soon.

Well, my mom’s new furniture finally arrived so we will have a nice new living room for Christmas guests. Now it is time to pull out the Christmas decorations. I swear we never get everything out until this time in December and my mom is not off until December 23. So I’m thinking I will be doing some decorating this week and baking some gingerbread type spice cookies. You bake them and then ice them and throw some sprinkles on if you want. It’s a two day job but worth it. I’m not sure who is going to eat them all but I can always send them home with my brothers I think.

Also, looking forward to a spa day on Tuesday afternoon. There are some great spa deals to be found this time of year and one of the little spas I have tried out through Groupon  and actually gone back to a few times is having a special: a manicure, pedicure, and facial for $35,00. This is an absolutely fantastic deal, plus the spa is great! It’s decor is modern and classy, all black, white, and crystal beads. Then on Thursday I get to have my hair done at it’s sister salon where I have some Groupon’s at. I think I am going for some dark low lights in my usually blond-blond mane. That is my natural color but it will be fun to have something a bit different. Not doing much with a haircut though – just a trim on my layers and some texturizing. I want to keep it long since I have learned how to do my hair both updos and long hair.

Today I mastered my new Babybliss Miracurl and got perfect curls out of it even in the back of my hair. For my hair the key is to hold it for 20-25 seconds on a higher heat. It just needs the extra time and heat to curl. I put it half up in this really easy hairdo and it looked good. I’m impressed I can actually do my hair now.

On the downside a new sleeping medication has pretty much eliminated the weight I lost last year on herbal magic. So even though it’s Christmas I am cutting back. No Pepsi after today and measuring my food out again carefully. It’s sad I have to do it but it actually works and if it keeps you at a healthier weight then it is worth the sacrifice.

That’s it for this week now. I will try to come up with a more interesting blog for later this week, something on some topic or another.

Take care


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