Things Are Moving Ahead

Today feels special. I don’t know why. Maybe it is that virtue instilled within me that Sundays are days of rest and for God, our higher power. Maybe it’s because I am all dolled up waiting to do something with my man. Or maybe it is that for me I just feel especially energetic. But at the moment I am sitting curled up in a fleecy blanket warmed by my dog on my left side. Even with all her fur and Eskimo background she is cold and cuddled so close. But I have come to some conclusions over the past week and some things are becoming set in place. I feel again I have stuff to look forward to.

The least important of the things I would like to get done is to re-read the 50 Shades series from 2 or 3 years ago. Although I remember that I did not like the repetitiveness E.L James used when writing, I did like the love story between Christian and Anna. I also liked that the story reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, Anna being the Beauty who helps the Beast Christian to change from his horrible self. I find it hard getting through book 1 which I read 2/3 of earlier in the year. I am disgusted by what control Christian wants over Anna for most of the book and the things he wants to do to her which are listed in the contract, some of them seem scary. I couldn’t believe he actually hit her really hard in the end of the book. He clearly has feelings that are strong for her by then and knows Anna doesn’t believe in punishment and avoids pain so why would he do that? I think, ” what a stupid man” but I guess that stupidity in Book 1 leads to much better stories (I thought) in books 2 and 3, and a better relationship for Christian and Anna. So I’ll start from where I ended ( the difficult part) and read from there. Hopefully, then I’ll be ready for the movie come February 2015 as I’m a slow reader when I am doing school work.

Speaking of writing, perhaps better edited writing, I am signed up and paid for Editing 110 in the Winter semester. I am excited! It has been difficult not having much to occupy my time as I have had in past semesters ( I had to miss courses this fall due to the effects of some medication changes some of my doctors had wanted to try. They didn’t work but that’s life). Anyways, I will be doing that distance learning course until the middle of April. I signed up for the last course of my Residential Design Certificate for Spring in Lighting as well. Lightings a pretty vital thing in an interior space and I am sort of glad I actually missed Green Design for it. I will have to make it through the course at night but it will be getting lighter outside at night and I’ll have more energy, if my doctors do not discover anything that will help me sooner. So that course is registered and paid for but I would like to take 1 more course at SFA in Editing this year, starting the middle of June. I have quite a few courses to get through in Editing and I am anxious to get to the point where I can use it to do freelance and refine my writing as well as editing skills. That will bring me ever closer to a Masters, hopefully, in communications and I need work or volunteer experience at least for that.

Also, I am missing Christmas celebrations with my bestest buds this year. The 3 of us couldn’t find a time where 1 of us wasn’t busy until after December 31. I miss hanging with my friends as much as we did in University but having somewhat of a life now is good too. Boyfriends require attention, work and other Christmas parties, and all sorts of issues stand in the way of simply getting together. Often, I find for me that can be transportation and sometimes money, especially with Christmas shopping on a limited budget. But having to take cabs places is costly too when something is at night or far away. But I am much looking forward to our get together after the holiday’s and I am also anxious to see my friend coming back from Mexico after that as well.
Meanwhile, I am keeping the dog, my boyfriend, and some other people happy. Time to visit my Grandma’s again at Christmas and time with family in general. Still just a couple bottles of wine to buy in the next couple of weeks and I have been keeping busy learning how to do my hair.

I always wanted to know how to style my hair but never could quite get my hair to look right without a lot of time consuming curling. The 1 1/4 inch curling iron and clips have made it so easy to style my hair. Not to mention hair tutorials which are so easy to follow. I have mastered about 4 techniques, tons to go through because it takes practice and I never knew you actually had to curl your hair and tease it to get so much texture in before most modern updos and half updos. Next hairstyle to master is the upside down French twist and some half up style with one with a braid. Also, looking forward to going to Chrome for a trim and some highlights and lowlights. I think I will go dark with the lowlights and thick to change things up!

Take care, that’s this week! Oh, what do you think of my potential tattoo? It will be on my lower back?