The Next Few Weeks In A Glance

Today the snow as white crystals blankets the ground and pine trees. I am staring through the crack in the curtains and thinking about the week ahead. What does tonight bring? What does today bring? What does the future bring?

I know you all have done your Black Friday shopping. Even here in Canada the sales have caught on and cyber Monday is coming up. But I stuck my money for the month for that kind of thing on my credit card and when I discovered fraud on my card I disgruntingly accepted I would not be doing any Black Friday Shopping. But then. I decided that this didn’t matter much because now it’s December and everything is on sale until the week after Boxing Day in Canada. Plus, the things I want anyways didn’t really go on sale.

There are 3 things I want: this black peplum dress from Banana Republic and lets face it, Banana Republic has sales every second day from November until up to Christmas so I’m not to worried about getting that dress. I just need it by new years to go with a pair of sparkly silver heels. The second thing I would like are these handmade boots from Poppy Barley. The are exquisite! Those are quite expensive though and my boots need not be handmade, my usual Naturalizer Leather boots will do as long as they are wide calf and riding boots that are black. Then I will be quite happy. Good wide shaft boots never go on sale! My third thing I want, well guess what? It’s a tattoo. I’ve finally found the perfect picture. And although my tattoo will be 2/3 the size of the one in the picture I will provide and on my back I’m excited to have found that perfect picture.  I am thinking on it a week or two before I actually call for a consultation but there is no doubt in my mind I have found the perfect picture. So artistic and beautiful and probably painful but I am quite interested in getting this tattoo done. I am told it should take 3-4 hours. So those things will be on my shopping list this December. If can throw a couple good priced tops in the mix I will be ecstatic!

As for how I will be keeping myself busy? Well I try to keep most of the days open when my boyfriend comes to Edmonton. So he will be up this week and I think I will spend a couple of days being lazy with him and maybe get him to take me out or take him out for a dinner I promised. It all depends on how fast my credit card gets to me, since I put most of my funds on there ahead of time. I would like to take him to Olive Garden because it is so yummy. Pasta and chicken Marsala yum. Salad and bread sticks too. I don’t know if he’s been but I want to take him for a nice relaxing meal for Christmas because he’s been so busy at work and deserves it. Maybe we can go dancing too if the weather is not too bad.

Sometime I have to get out and get all this blood testing done to make sure I don’t have hypothyroidism or these other diseases that make one tired. I am feeling antsy about testing. In some ways I hope to test positive for something that’s treatable such as the hyperthyroidism or at least high enough that it warrants looking into, because that means there is an easier solution to my health problems then I thought. If not, it means more looking and physical testing and even though we are doing all this testing I’m so scared that the doctors won’t find anything wrong with me and I’ll have psychiatrists and doctors who both say – we can’t help you. ( PS as I am writing this my dog has decided my computer is a very good place to lie and scratch her back. I have removed her but I can’t promise she won’t stay off :)) images (6)

Also, I am very excited for Christmas! Only 3 weeks to go now! 3 weeks! Time to start baking. I have the most amazing recipe for homemade peanut buttercups and of course I’ll need butter for shortbread, to make Christmas tree cookies (spice cookies) and ice them, and some other stuff I’ll have to look up – chocolate turtle squares anyone! The irony of all this is I will not be able to eat any of these things, maybe one thing a day if I don’t have my daily Pepsi.

That is the other thing I’m trying to stop. Drinking Pepsi except maybe at my night class in Spring because I need that Pepsi to stay awake. But I am drinking too many a day so I think the way to go is to stop cold turkey. I think I will lose those 3 or 4 lbs I’ve gained from summer If I stop. I’ve just got to stick to my diet and stop treating myself so often. I have to be hard-core! (Nikki has rolled over on the computer again she is on her back tits up. It is very cute but irritating! ” Look at me” she is saying.) Now that Nikki is gone I will say goodbye. Enjoy your weeks everyone!