I Did Not Mean To Build A Wall

I did not mean to build a wall, I only needed space.
Though you are all with me, though you all care
This battle is my fight, one I must carry alone, don’t you see
Though I try to be included, there are things you can’t see
I am walking the line, my own private journey into the sun.

The sun is not setting, everyday it rises, but I cannot keep up
With rays and shadows, hiding behind clouds, warming the air
The worst battles we fight, are fought internally.
Our own biggest critic, our own form of loss.

Shots, shots, shots in the air, bullets can rip through you
But if you haven’t felt it how can you understand
The individual pain of each bullet, the hurt is unique
We all feel suffering, but no suffering is the same.
Suffering turns us to tears, and builds character
Scarred and battle worn we appear, the fight never ends
In our own private hells, we flounder forlorn
Empathy the greatest emotion you can give
But it only goes so far, you can empathize to a degree
Then you cannot feel the ache, the fatigue, the darkness inside

Walls exist for a reason, such a man that doesn’t love a wall.
To build up high, and keep in the dark, the woman, the love of his life
He builds with mortar and brick, keeping out the light and she freaks out
” Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” a girl fighting to comprehend
Walls behind her own walls, the realization we all have walls
And these walls are thick, they are dense, and hollow
Strong as solid steel, empty like milk jugs in the recycling container
Seemingly plastic and easily crushed, but with a shape that reforms fills with liquid tears
Becomes the hardest material, harder than diamonds, and crumbling as dolomite

You build your walls, I’ll build mine, we must build our own lives to build one together
We must put in plenty of windows and doors that don’t lock if we are ever to see eye to eye
If we are ever to be one solid wall against the world.
Walls are built to keep something out, I’d rather, you see it for yourself…
I’ll stop building my walls if you stop forming your walls –
then we can just be visible to sunshine and the light that guides the air to swirl and blow a fresh wave of summer over us

If you build them they will come, the wall builders fixing up their walls
But did u know if we left the stones where they lay, let the wall crumble into dust

We could build other things, but we still build walls.


The Party

Today I am getting ready for a party tonight. My friends and I finally came up with a date for our Christmas/New Years get together that is tonight. Since I have practiced all these different hair styles I learned a new hair style last night and curled my hair then pinned it up this morning. I am quite happy with the results I just hope everything stays in and looks as good as I think it does. Here is thesmallthingsblog.com video that I used to do my hair. Once you curl your hair with a 1″ curling iron or your new Babyliss Miracurl, the rest of the hairstyle is easy.


After I did my makeup well and unlike usual I put primer on to ensure my makeup stayed in place. Although, I got a box of sample smashbox primers from Sephora which even included a light Smashbox primer and an under eye primer, I am much happier with an Benefit primer called Stay Flawless 15 hour Primer. It was a sample also from Sephora  and it is a primer in stick form and you spread it across your face and it makes your face feel very smooth plus it lasts for 15 hours that’s amazing ($38.00). It does not,


however, make your face break out like I find the Smashbox primers often do, even after wearing the primer a short time. The only Smashbox primer I used was the under eye primer which I am quite happy with funny enough ($32.00).

So hair and makeup finished I made an easy dip which can be found on the kraft website. It is a really easy recipe and very basic:

1. Take 1 brick cream cheese and heat in the microwave a little bit. Spread into a small round dish (8 inch or so).

2. Place 1 cup of Salsa on top of the cream cheese and spread with a spoon.

3. Grate 1/2 cup Cheddar Cheese and sprinkle across the Salsa and cream cheese.

4. If you like, take 2-3 green onions and cut up and sprinkle across the top of the cheese, salsa, and cream cheese

5. Before serving with Taco chips or crackers, heat the dip for 2-3 min in the microwave then serve.

So, I made up my little snack for our party. I was planning to do spinach dip but the Sobeys which had a bakery closed down by my house so it is really hard to get out and get bread since for spinach dip you make it in a big round cut out sour dough loaf. But I can make that another time.

The other critical item I bought for my party was some alcohol. We are doing a greedy gift grab with whatever kind of alcoholic beverage we have chosen and wrapped. I went with wine, it’s pretty obvious by the gift bag I chose but as for the kind well that’s the surprise. Our limit was $25.00 for the gift grab.

Later, I am getting a ride to the party and then we are going out dancing to The Druid (if they have dancing on Sunday’s?) Most places do since A and I are always going out Sunday nights to dance at some bar or another. Speaking of A he is coming up this week. Too bad he couldn’t have been up a day sooner but he is just coming in around 7 or 8 pm Monday night and I think will be tired out after a long bus ride. We will have to do our own New Years thing the next day! So my New Years plan were ruined but that is okay since I think I will be tired enough after tonight tomorrow and will be busy enough this week with A.

Happy New Year’s everyone and have fun at all your parties!

Beyonce: Singing a Song to Make A Dying Girl’s Wish Reality


Yesterday, I was particularly touched by singer Beyonce Knowles who granted the wish of a 12-year old girl dying from cancer from an inoperable brain tumor. It made me proud that Beyonce would be willing to share her talent and her time with someone so meek and in some people’s awful view, a lost cause. Beyonce went beyond simply caring and actually made a beautiful important girl’s wish come true.


Taylon Davis made a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation to sing a song and dance with Beyonce. In Las Vegas, Beyonce, at her Mrs. Carter tour, made Taylon’s wish reality. Days after learning she would attend the concert, Taylon found herself face to face and embraced by her beloved pop-star Beyonce while Beyonce sang to her ‘Survivor’ from Beyonce’s days with former group ‘Destiny’s Child.’

‘Survivor’s’ lyrics held great meaning for Taylon, especially the words, ” I’m a survivor / I’m gonna make it / I will Survive / Keep on Surviving.” Said McGregor of the Philanthropy Program Partnerships, ” Here’s a little girl literally fighting for her life, [t]omorrows not promised, next weeks not promised, but now [Taylon thinks] I’m here, [and s]ince I’m here I might as well live(Michael Walsh).

On Christmas Eve, Beyonce released the video of the performance and Taylon’s story on YouTube. This is not the first time Beyonce has done a touching song and dance with one of her fans. In November, Beyonce performed ‘Irreplaceable’ with a blind 13-year old girl from Australia (Toronto Star, Wenn.com).

It was incredibly touching to watch the videos Beyonce released on Taylon and their song together, not only because Beyonce was giving a wonderful generous experience to Taylon during a season of giving but because Beyonce was giving Taylon hope. Hope I think, is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone, especially a child, and even if it is only the hope that Taylon will live out the rest of her young life with fantastic memories and people who love her such as her family. Maybe even a pop-superstar actually cares about Taylon because Beyonce is willing to give Taylon her time, voice, and dancing to aid Taylon in achieving her dreams.

I can’t imagine being in Taylon’s place, knowing you don’t have much time left in this world but are so young that you have barely experienced what it is to live. On the other hand, perhaps it is enviable that Taylon will not go through more pain than her cancer because she will only live such a short time. Either way, I think Taylon is a strong and brave 12-year old girl and I think Beyonce is the perfect role model for someone her age to show her how to keep on fighting to the end and to spend time with those she loves and live all the dreams she can fit into her young life.

Taylon’s Video

The Performance

Christmas Miracles: I have scars but I’m Okay

Merry Christmas everyone! All the best to you and your families. I’m sitting in the living room with my family we have just opened our presents and Grandma came over and opened up her presents too. Last night we had two of my Grandmas and my Godparent’s over for late night snacks and sweets. A good time was had by all and I think it was midnight by the time everyone left and we had all cleaned up. Unlike most years, we chose to open presents today because we were all so tired. One of my brothers slept over and the other wanted to get home and sleep because he hadn’t slept the night before.

While talking to my Uncle last night ( one of my Godparents) we were discussing the topic of scars. All of us in life go through challenges and this leaves wounds and scars behind. When Jesus showed his wounds to Thomas after he had risen from the dead on Easter Sunday, Thomas felt Jesus’ wounds. He put his hands right in the places Jesus had been hurt when he was crucified on the cross on Calvary. He felt the place where the nails had been in Jesus’ hands and the hole where a spear from a Roman Soldier had pierced him in the side to see that Jesus was dead. The truth is, some wounds don’t heal and some form scars but we are all left with the presence of our bad times and painful traumas.

That is why God sent Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem. Even though that baby grew up and died on the cross, even though all his wounds didn’t heal, Jesus rose from the dead having defeated sin, death, and the grave to heal our wounds and battle scars. Even though we carry them through life, Jesus keeps us whole.

That is the most important message I can share with you this Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas. But, however you celebrate and for whatever reason I wish you the best. Thanks for your follows, likes, comments, and discussions throughout the year. Thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart.

Not Measuring Up

Have you ever tried your hardest at something and realized that you just don’t measure up? It’s a feeling that kind of makes you sick to your stomach and sad. Especially when you know that other people see your potential and that you see your potential but that the people you want to see your potential just don’t see it.

I can’t exactly tell you who or what I am talking about. Naming names, not cool. But I can tell you I spent a great deal of time writing for this particular place and in the end they just didn’t like my work or they never even really noticed when I was gone. I wrote for this place for over a year and I thought I had a lot of good writing pieces. The problem was that some of those pieces needed a lot of editing. I was going for quantity in my work and not quality, but someone should have mentioned that to me sooner than they did. But I was also having issues myself because I did not realize the amount of editing my work was needing. Sometimes someone said something but they really did not come right out and say it until after I had written many of  the articles I wrote for them, that my work was lacking. I was greatly offended at first when they finally did and I some things I shouldn’t but I thought that things had worked themselves out. But the problem was they really didn’t want me back and I think they should have just come out and said it. They just wanted to re-post some of my blogs and that’s not really getting your work professionally published.

I tried hard after that to just take on one piece at a time. I spent the entire week editing and proof reading these pieces and although they were published, I think without a large number of mistakes, it seemed like I still couldn’t measure up. This is really frustrating to me especially because this was something I took on as not only something to show as a writing portfolio but as a volunteer activity. Then when I stopped receiving emails about pitches I took it to mean that I wasn’t wanted to write for this publication anymore. For someone whose dream is to write articles for places like this (but maybe a bit different places) this was insulting. Although I was told before that all criticism given to me was given with the greatest consideration for my self-improvement and future with the place I also believe that my style of writing just did not match the style of the editors. As well, I didn’t feel I was given a fair chance to prove myself after I had been criticized.

Some of what happened is just me and indicative of the things I still have to learn or relearn as a writer. Before I had a psychotic episode that damaged my right brain and  I was a lot thorougher of a writer. That is one reason I have decided to take an Editing Certificate. I have taken to heart that criticism about my writing and if I want to be a writer I have to be able to notice errors in my writing both grammatical and stylistic. I have to be able to see these without thinking and I believe after this certificate I will be able to improve my writing a great deal more as well as proof my friend’s writing better. I seem to do a good job of that now but at least I will have something behind me besides my English BA saying that I can edit my own and other’s writing well. All this is work going towards a Masters eventually in some place of writing – Communications or Creative – and I think I just need to get back to basics.

This being said, the place I wrote for had improvements to make itself as a publication to be truthful. It’s goals were worthy and the people I worked with I liked. It had good ideas but I never felt that more than a couple writer’s were actually producing better articles except that maybe they edited better and had a view that fell more in line with some of the publications views I chose not to write about. So I have come to the conclusion that for that place, I just do not measure up. I am not suited to be writing for them. They have their goals and I have mine and although I am sad that I have just been forgotten about or excluded I know that my editing certificate will lead me to greater opportunities so I am focusing on that. I know I’m not perfect and that the place I wrote for is not perfect. But I really don’t have anything left to say to them other than ‘ I’m done.’ If you didn’t even notice I was gone then obviously my writing wasn’t good enough for you and I have to work on that and find places I am better suited to, places where I have greater creative freedom and better mentors. Creative writing is what I like about blogging, being able to share your work with a lot of people but having that freedom to write about what topics are near and dear to your heart. And I really do appreciate every like and follow from you guys.

This being said I am hoping in the coming year to research more topics and talk about some of the actors, singers, beauty, fashion, and philosophical things I have talked about in my past (through my blog and through the place I use to write for). If there is something you want me to talk about more that you liked, let me know. Also, if I have the odd grammatical error or spelling mistake I apologize. I am working to correct these and if you don’t already notice, I always fix my mistakes especially after I have published a post. Thanks for your time.


Poetry: She That Went Away

These words can’t be unsaid, she pondered over fourth cup of coffee.
They are the words that needed to be heard or else her thoughts would go round a Ferris wheel of phrases
Making her old, her mind as dusty parchment crumbling and from Rome
One touch to the parchment and the entire piece powders and falls a part
All knowledge of that particular subject lost in the spaces and edges existing in time.
It was about persuasion, the way she had to say it to form the words as curvatures connected like handwriting.
The staccato breath puffing from her lips, poison ivy to what needed to be said being told.
Awake my soul and sing, the things I mutter that cannot be unspoken, make them warm and lovely
Find a better way of saying – I’m going away and will not be returning.
Find a tangible way to express the moments of fragility this will leave everyone with.
The cold stab of words, oh yes words can hurt, the sharpest all the quicker.
And the phone rung a harsh ring in the phonetic tongue.
I cannot answer calls right now, for I have gone to Icarus and I cannot return.
I am lost to the sun it will burn my rapid wing span.
Some words can’t go unsaid, they must be told.
Regretted and mourned.
For that part of her life was over and only smiles remained.
The darkest hour turning to the blazing dawn as she admitted her most horrible fears and with them became one.

And This Week Brings . . .

It’s the beginning of another week and only 1 and 1/2 weeks until Christmas? Are you ready are you prepared? I look forward to


spending the time with my family, yet another part of me is a bit loathe to give up having the house to myself. I like getting up late and just lounging before getting to work on whatever I have going that day. Things change when the house is full. But by the time Christmas vacation is done I will sad that everyone has gone back to their jobs and school.

There is bitter sweet news for me. I was crunching the numbers and after Christmas expenses I think I will have to wait on my beautiful tattoo. I think I’ll have to wait until spring. So I have canceled my consultation and said I will re-book with the same artist (who does the watercolor affect well) in March or April. I just feel a bit more comfortable with that considering an hour is around $160.00 plus a materials fee. For the 3 or 4 guesstimated hours I think I will save up a bit first. But I look forward to having those lovely flowers on my lower back soon.

Well, my mom’s new furniture finally arrived so we will have a nice new living room for Christmas guests. Now it is time to pull out the Christmas decorations. I swear we never get everything out until this time in December and my mom is not off until December 23. So I’m thinking I will be doing some decorating this week and baking some gingerbread type spice cookies. You bake them and then ice them and throw some sprinkles on if you want. It’s a two day job but worth it. I’m not sure who is going to eat them all but I can always send them home with my brothers I think.


Also, looking forward to a spa day on Tuesday afternoon. There are some great spa deals to be found this time of year and one of the little spas I have tried out through Groupon  and actually gone back to a few times is having a special: a manicure, pedicure, and facial for $35,00. This is an absolutely fantastic deal, plus the spa is great! It’s decor is modern and classy, all black, white, and crystal beads. Then on Thursday I get to have my hair done at it’s sister salon where I have some Groupon’s at. I think I am going for some dark low lights in my usually blond-blond mane. That is my natural color but it will be fun to have something a bit different. Not doing much with a haircut though – just a trim on my layers and some texturizing. I want to keep it long since I have learned how to do my hair both updos and long hair.

Today I mastered my new Babybliss Miracurl and got perfect curls out of it even in the back of my hair. For my hair the key is to hold it for 20-25 seconds on a higher heat. It just needs the extra time and heat to curl. I put it half up in this really easy hairdo and it looked good. I’m impressed I can actually do my hair now.

On the downside a new sleeping medication has pretty much eliminated the weight I lost last year on herbal magic. So even though it’s Christmas I am cutting back. No Pepsi after today and measuring my food out again carefully. It’s sad I have to do it but it actually works and if it keeps you at a healthier weight then it is worth the sacrifice.

That’s it for this week now. I will try to come up with a more interesting blog for later this week, something on some topic or another.

Take care

Tattoo, For Me, For You?


When I was 4 years old I use to go over to my Godparent’s house where I was babysat by their youngest son. He had tattoos all over his body and I decided right then and there that someday I was going to have a tattoo but it would have to be the perfect tattoo. I did not like some of the skulls and dragons my Godparents’ son had as his tattoos. I wanted something gorgeous, something unique.

Fast forward to grade 2 or 3: my class at school is at a tattoo exhibit at the old Edmonton Art Gallery. I remember seeing many beautiful tattoos of flowers, butterflies, women, and all kinds of symbols. Symbols that meant something to whomever had been the lucky or sometimes unlucky recipients of these tattoo stencils. Some of them went back to the 1700’s for sailors who had gotten tattoos back then. Some of these tattoos marked people as criminals.

In tattooing today, a thermal-fax makes a stencil of your tattoo and it is placed on the shaved area of your body that you would like your tattoo. Even the finest of hairs can get in the way of doing your tattoo. Deodorant or soap and water is used to push on the stencil and create a dark impression of the tattoo you are going to be getting on your body.

After, the tattoo artist prepares their tattoo machine. The inks will be placed in little tiny cups called ink caps and the needles and tubes will be removed for their ‘sterile’ pouches and placed in the machine.  Clean and distilled water will also be placed into a cup for cleaning the needles during the tattoo process.

Next, a bit of ointment is placed on your tattoo to help the tattoo stencil stay on longer and to aid the needle in sliding across your


skin smoothly, which is definitely better for the person receiving the tattoo. The first few minutes of getting a tattoo are the painfullest and after that your skin gets use to the procedure. More people pass out from the idea of the needles on their skin then the pain of the real needles.

Once the stencil of your tattoo is filled in, the tattoo artist can go into detail with colors and shading. The needles used for color are called magnums or the tattoo artist may use a different machine altogether. After the tattoo artist will probably take a picture of the cleaned up tattoo for his or her portfolio. A bandage will be applied after some ointment and it is important that you take care of your tattoo according to the tattoo artists instructions (Hudson).

When I was 18 and a lot of my friends were getting their tattoos I hesitated. I just hadn’t found the right tattoo. It took me 10 years to do that. I was on Pinterest and came across this picture of these beautiful light watercolor flowers on a girl’s arm. “That’s my tattoo,” I remember thinking and I think that if I can handle the pain I will definitely get that tattoo. But now I am considering adding some color, maybe just pink all over the flowers.

Getting a tattoo is a difficult decision to make and many thoughts go into the process of getting a tattoo. Some of the people on Facebook who I asked to share their opinions with me on the subject said that “they need[ed] their tattoo[s] to mean something.” A couple of women also said that visibility was also something they thought about when they got their tattoos. They didn’t want their tattoos visible for special events or so that people got the wrong impression of them. A lot of people thought they were very cool but hesitated to get one because they thought they would get bored with them easily. Other people said that they used their tattoos as “a reminder of something important to motivate themselves” and that they used them as “stories” and “inspiration.” Still others were allergic to the tattoo ink and worried about the pain, not to mention, the price of getting a tattoo done. Someone also said that they didn’t want their tattoo too big so it was overwhelming. I really appreciated the help everyone gave me concerning deciding to get a tattoo done.

20131208-151215.jpgMy consultation is next Monday and I’m anxious to hear what my tattoo artist has to say. Some of the things I am scared about is that my skin will be too sensitive or that I will be allergic to the ink. I am also scared I won’t be able to handle the pain for hours on end and that my tattoo will be too expensive. Although, most people I talked to thought it would take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the skill of the tattoo artist. So here’s hoping everything turns out alright. What I am most thrilled about is that the picture I found will be something I will be proud to have on my body when I am 89 years old. It will be a memory of my youth. For me my tattoo will be a symbol of strength even in fragility.

You see we live in such frail human bodies that can get sick at the drop of a button. But our spirits endure long after our bodies are gone and God makes us stronger than we even thought possible in life. Our strength lies in our weaknesses in the most delicate parts of our lives, this is when we find what makes us strong, just as there is strength in a fragile flower.

When I Awoke

Waking up to reality can be a cold splash in the face or a more subtle realization, as if you have been fighting your way through cotton cobwebs that never end and suddenly, you are as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Your entire perception has changed and you are awaking to a world of colour and a place where the rules of reality don’t apply. My friends and I would call this feeling ‘floating in the pink clouds’ or ‘existing in your own bubble.’ Now that I’m here, I would call this place wonderful and enchanting. I would call it a reprieve from reality and my everyday problems. I would equate this place with a profound sense of love, peace, and tranquility although, it isn’t always about these terms. But it is a place I feel grounded and safe, connected to my significant other in a way I have felt with no one and can barely describe. Some people might call this phase untruthful and that it is not how things actually are between couples. But I believe there must be some truth to it as John Donne wrote about the connection among couples being a world unto itself. In The Good Morrow Donne writes ” If ever any beauty I did see, / [w]hich I desired, and got, ’twas but a dream of thee” (6-7). These lines suggest that to the poet that the finding and receiving of the most beautiful things is not nearly equal to finding the person you love. In fact, all good things before the speaker found his love become hazy and obsolete as if the speaker was in a dream before he found his love.

Perhaps, this is an overalls romantic and unrealistic thing to feel, nonetheless, it is something I am experiencing. I think the feeling I get around my boyfriend is rather odd actually and I doubt a lot of my family understand it because of his religion. But we both walked into this relationship knowing it was a practical difference between us and many times I have pondered over it and the reason I love someone who has these beliefs I feel are untrue. But it doesn’t seem to make a difference I just love him more. I have come to believe that no matter our beliefs it is my job to love him throughout this life. And maybe somehow God will allow me to reach Him in ways that just aren’t possible now. I would like to love him forever, but this lifetime is enough if need be. I know loving your first boyfriend can be a laughable ideal. But I am not 18 or 19 years old either. I know we have details to work through and that there will be challenges between us. But I know what I know, that this is real and worth the hardships I probably will endure for it.

I became quite sure of this this past week. It was like I was slowly waking up and the warmth from the sun finally hit me and when I awoke it was into that ethereal world of colour and sharp realization, that I had everything in front of me and was in need of nothing.

Things Are Moving Ahead

Today feels special. I don’t know why. Maybe it is that virtue instilled within me that Sundays are days of rest and for God, our higher power. Maybe it’s because I am all dolled up waiting to do something with my man. Or maybe it is that for me I just feel especially energetic. But at the moment I am sitting curled up in a fleecy blanket warmed by my dog on my left side. Even with all her fur and Eskimo background she is cold and cuddled so close. But I have come to some conclusions over the past week and some things are becoming set in place. I feel again I have stuff to look forward to.

The least important of the things I would like to get done is to re-read the 50 Shades series from 2 or 3 years ago. Although I remember that I did not like the repetitiveness E.L James used when writing, I did like the love story between Christian and Anna. I also liked that the story reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, Anna being the Beauty who helps the Beast Christian to change from his horrible self. I find it hard getting through book 1 which I read 2/3 of earlier in the year. I am disgusted by what control Christian wants over Anna for most of the book and the things he wants to do to her which are listed in the contract, some of them seem scary. I couldn’t believe he actually hit her really hard in the end of the book. He clearly has feelings that are strong for her by then and knows Anna doesn’t believe in punishment and avoids pain so why would he do that? I think, ” what a stupid man” but I guess that stupidity in Book 1 leads to much better stories (I thought) in books 2 and 3, and a better relationship for Christian and Anna. So I’ll start from where I ended ( the difficult part) and read from there. Hopefully, then I’ll be ready for the movie come February 2015 as I’m a slow reader when I am doing school work.

Speaking of writing, perhaps better edited writing, I am signed up and paid for Editing 110 in the Winter semester. I am excited! It has been difficult not having much to occupy my time as I have had in past semesters ( I had to miss courses this fall due to the effects of some medication changes some of my doctors had wanted to try. They didn’t work but that’s life). Anyways, I will be doing that distance learning course until the middle of April. I signed up for the last course of my Residential Design Certificate for Spring in Lighting as well. Lightings a pretty vital thing in an interior space and I am sort of glad I actually missed Green Design for it. I will have to make it through the course at night but it will be getting lighter outside at night and I’ll have more energy, if my doctors do not discover anything that will help me sooner. So that course is registered and paid for but I would like to take 1 more course at SFA in Editing this year, starting the middle of June. I have quite a few courses to get through in Editing and I am anxious to get to the point where I can use it to do freelance and refine my writing as well as editing skills. That will bring me ever closer to a Masters, hopefully, in communications and I need work or volunteer experience at least for that.

Also, I am missing Christmas celebrations with my bestest buds this year. The 3 of us couldn’t find a time where 1 of us wasn’t busy until after December 31. I miss hanging with my friends as much as we did in University but having somewhat of a life now is good too. Boyfriends require attention, work and other Christmas parties, and all sorts of issues stand in the way of simply getting together. Often, I find for me that can be transportation and sometimes money, especially with Christmas shopping on a limited budget. But having to take cabs places is costly too when something is at night or far away. But I am much looking forward to our get together after the holiday’s and I am also anxious to see my friend coming back from Mexico after that as well.
Meanwhile, I am keeping the dog, my boyfriend, and some other people happy. Time to visit my Grandma’s again at Christmas and time with family in general. Still just a couple bottles of wine to buy in the next couple of weeks and I have been keeping busy learning how to do my hair.

I always wanted to know how to style my hair but never could quite get my hair to look right without a lot of time consuming curling. The 1 1/4 inch curling iron and clips have made it so easy to style my hair. Not to mention thesmallthingsblog.com hair tutorials which are so easy to follow. I have mastered about 4 techniques, tons to go through because it takes practice and I never knew you actually had to curl your hair and tease it to get so much texture in before most modern updos and half updos. Next hairstyle to master is the upside down French twist and some half up style with one with a braid. Also, looking forward to going to Chrome for a trim and some highlights and lowlights. I think I will go dark with the lowlights and thick to change things up!

Take care, that’s this week! Oh, what do you think of my potential tattoo? It will be on my lower back?