Flurt Articles: Should Corporations Pay For Birth Control in the US? My Worst Job.

Hi I have a couple Flurt Articles:

My Worst Job Ever: Dairy Queen


Should Corporations Pay for Birth Control?



Medium Long to Long Hair, How Do I Do Anything with It?

The answer to your question is http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com. The girl on this blog has a bunch of amazing hair tutorial videos that can also be found on Youtube that will help any girl who is hopeless with her hair achieve an updo or another style she can substitute for regular long hair or the ponytail. I wanted to share with you the videos that I have had success at so you can practice them for yourselves (ladies). They are extremely easy to follow and all you’ll need is some strong clear elastics, bobby pins the color of your hair, a rat-tail comb to tease your hair, some type of hair teasing powder such as Evelyn Charles or Kevin Murphy, texturizing spray Kevin Murphy or Gosh, 2 thin metal headbands or a double headband. Without further ado here are thesmallthingsblog.com hair videos I’ve mastered.

The Messiest of Buns Tutorial


Waves with Double Headband


Half Braided Ponytail


The Undone French Twist


The High Bun


Enjoy and please check out the blog it is great! I have tried for years to learn how to do hairdos with my long hair with no success but this girl on these videos is awesome.