On Religion, Costco, and Misspoken Idiots!

If you haven’t heard in the news, Costco got into a bit of trouble lately when they classified the Bible as “fiction” in their book


section. I was quite offended when my friend posted this article, not by Costco, but by the comments of people who said The Bible belonged there and that Christianity was a joke. These people made no attempt to think and put themselves in a believing Christian person’s shoes, to wonder why some people would be offended by Costco’s actions. What’s more they were extremely discriminatory of Christian beliefs and religion saying the Bible should be put next to coloring books and that it would be more offensive if the Bible was put in the non-fiction section. It was their prejudice and discrimination that really made me angry.

In this day in age, when it is offensive and politically incorrect to make comments about gay people, about the Muslim religion, and secularism, when you have to watch what you say publicly about anyone’s belief system, those comments just seemed incredibly uneducated and rude. I always grew up believing that when I dealt with people I was to put myself in their place, as Atticus taught into ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ Obviously, a lot of people never heard of this way of behaving, are too selfish to empathize with other people, and/or never read the book.

The Bible has existed in some form since the time of Moses, these so-called ‘stories’ have historical precedent and have been proven by many archaeologists and writer’s from around the time of Jesus’ death (for example). Historians such as Josephus and many more have matched up events going on in the time of the Romans with the events of the Bible. Through wars and through many times of discontent, the Bible has survived into modern times and it is the basis of Christianity because it is the inspired word of God to Christian’s around the world.

Now most people who are being reasonable are just going to say Costco made a stupid mistake no biggie. But some people if you really believe that the Bible is God’s word, you can see why they would be offended by having the Bible categorized as fictional. It was an ‘accidental’ judgement on the Christian religion by Costco, on my Christian religion, to assume the Bible is fictional. But I know people are imperfect and make mistakes so I think, no problem, Costco just should have classified it in a religion section. People shouldn’t get so upset at Costco, but it is pertinent that you understand why they would.

Secondly, for the people who do not understand Christianity and view the Bible as a coloring book or worse. Have you bothered to do any research into the Bible, even if you grew up with it, into different denominations then what you grew up with? For instance, Catholic beliefs are quite different from my own Lutheran beliefs. What we do agree on is that Jesus died on the cross to save people from their sins. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Just because you believe some of a particular faith is wrong, and you maybe right, does not mean every part is wrong. But in general, I just don’t think you should be discriminating against any one’s beliefs whatever their denomination or faith.

images (12)You shouldn’t discriminate against Muslim’s, Atheists, Secularists, or any denomination of Christianity. Nobody has that right. But people are sure quick to abuse religion, like it is something being forced upon them. Everyone has the choice to believe whatever they want and if you don’t want to be a Christian that is your choice. But it is not your choice to make judgments about a religion you are against or uneducated in. It is not your choice to make a judgement on people who believe that the Bible is non-fiction. You believe whatever you want but leave my religion alone. I am sensitive about your lack of belief so be sensitive to my insistence that my religion is true. I am empathize with other beliefs too. My boyfriend for example, is Muslim for heaven’s sake, and I don’t judge him even though I am a Christian.  So, is it so hard for you to show me the same courtesy?

In closing I have this to say: leave your discrimination and hate outside the topic of religion and personal beliefs because you are being offensive and being prejudiced and in this day and age that is not acceptable. I have the right to believe what I want, it’s called freedom of religion, and if you don’t agree show some manners and just keep your mouth shut, especially on public forums such as Facebook.

2 thoughts on “On Religion, Costco, and Misspoken Idiots!”

  1. I understand your concern. Religion is a touchy subject because people are really defensive about it, but you must understand that it is biased and most likely fictitious. Sure we can’t disprove things, but we can come to the conclusion that Hercules didn’t do the things legend claims he did and put him in the fiction section. Religion used to be regarded as fact, but with our newfound integrity for the truth it would be dishonest to claim religion as fact. This would be at most false and at least ethnocentric. Unless gods can be proven with facts and evidence, I see no reason why we shouldn’t categorize it with those who swear that ghosts exist.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. I think we can truthfully say this about some of our more ancient religions. But I do not entirely agree that religion is only valid unless scientifically validated. There are many reasons for this. I think first is the argument for an intelligent designer. Second, I think the argument because we know of a God, there is a God. The third would be the Bible and historians around time periods in the Bible who can validate events such as Josephus. The biggest thing I think you are missing in this equation is faith and belief. You can try to prove anything but it matters not if no one believes it. The Bible says in Hebrews: now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. I can tell you I have faith in God and his Son Jesus, you can’t measure that. They aren’t blind beliefs, they are based on the teachings of Christianity which have a long history. I believe in a benevolent God and I know he doesn’t always work within what is logical or what science can prove. He is outside of that. Omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. He existed before any of us or science. “In the beginning the word was God, was with God, it was with him in the beginning.” His teachings are apart of God and existed before us even though they were not written down. Faith is a vital part of religion. Choose to believe what you like. But don’t tell me my religion is a myth when my own experiences tell me otherwise. A good book to read his called ‘Have A Little Faith’ by Mitch Albom. He is an atheist but he has experienced faith and religion and these are his experiences. Thanks for going back so far to read that post!


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